“Take their heads out of the game”

A University of Georgia researcher suggests that football rules need to focus on two things in an effort to reduce head injuries:

“When you combine a three-point stance with running a long distance, it results in the most severe head impacts,” said Schmidt, who studies concussions in the college’s department of kinesiology. “So that points toward a need for rule changes that emphasize the combination of the two if we’re going to reduce head impact severity.”

She also suggests that focused coaching would help.

Because the study focused on high school players, who have a tendency to change positions throughout their time on a team, she suggested coaches and administrators emphasize good tackling techniques by teaching proper head and body positioning.

Shockingly, no mention made there about targeting penalties or replay officials.  Eh, scientists.



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3 responses to ““Take their heads out of the game”

  1. Teaching fundamentals and reducing head/spine injuries … I didn’t need to do any research and knew that. Coaches at all levels need to teach it and then discipline players who go for the SportsCenter kill shot whether successful or not.


  2. Over the years I’ve met coaches who’ve told me they wouldn’t let their sons start playing football until later in junior high because the coaches at many levels don’t teach proper fundamentals. It makes sense that better athletes at younger ages tend to eschew fundamentals.

    I think you posted something about this last year re: Pete Carroll and rugby-style tackling.

    Regardless, though, it’s a violent sport. Like auto racing, we can make it as safe as we can, but when accidents happen, they can be quite ugly.


  3. Herschel Krustofsky

    Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.