Where are you #93K folks when they need you?

That’s what Greg McGarity wants to know.


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28 responses to “Where are you #93K folks when they need you?

  1. JCDAWG83

    Maybe the traditional crappy home schedule is finally going to hurt the bank account? Noon kickoffs against cupcakes aren’t exactly must see events.


    Probably had some returns from the visitors.

  3. lakedawg

    Think the 93k was a lot of folks just wanting to take the kids out on a beautiful day for a picnic and to have something to do. Know a lot of season ticket holders that did not make it because of that. The opponent and time should not be a problem for real Dawg fans.

    • JCDAWG83

      There it is, “real Dawg fans”. “Real Dawg fans” have a brain and don’t get excited about the games with cupcakes and noon kickoffs. I go to most of them because I don’t mind getting up early and I like getting home early enough to see the 7:00 ESPN game, which is usually a pretty good matchup. Students and people who have to travel more than a couple of hours to get to Athens generally don’t have my same attitude. In fact, you can go ahead and start the countdown until someone posts something about students not filling up the student section for the Craptastic State game with a noon kickoff.

      I know the majority of the tickets available are returned from the visitors but I’ll wager they won’t all sell unless someone buys a block of them to give to charity.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    (reads graphic aloud)

    “Nichols State (already slated for a noon kickoff in likely 90+ degree heat)”. “Vanderbilt.” “Louisiana-Lafayette.”

    I feel like a plumber who just pulled a dish towel out of the drain under McGarity’s clogged sink. WELL HELL, GREG, HERE’S YOUR PROBLEM.

    • Will (The Other One)

      Also, “starting at $50” for that slate of games. Which likely means the 600 section. Can probably get a better deal on Stubhub.

  5. CB

    This is why we need a 9 game conference schedule. Not only are the cupcakes noon kicks, but you have to pay $50 a pop. I guarantee I could buy one off of a scalper for $10.

  6. B-UGA

    Yep…If I’m driving hours back to Athens for a football weekend, I’m there for the entire weekend & the experience. I’m sorry but Nicholls State at 12:00 noon (107 degrees in the stadium) and UL Lafayette (which will probably be noon game too) will be games that I will gladly share my tickets with other Georgia fans. May even travel up for the games/weekend, but will be watching those on a big ass t.v. drinking a cold beer….McGarity, grab the FL game every other year & add an ACC opponent to the home schedule & BAM! now you have a home schedule that will really generate some revenue & pack out Sanford (as well as Athens). Gotta quit being so scared of night games & Thur night games as well. You want money, that’ll blow the doors off. GM has to start thinking about competing with the t.v. market. What experience can you give that you can’t get watching it on t.v. or…..what makes it more appealing to go to the game. Def. not 100 degree games against directional schools.

    • stoopnagle

      Thursday? Ain’t happening.

    • Thursday games in Athens would be an unmitigated disaster.

    • JCDAWG83

      Thursday night is for weak ass ACC teams and South Carolina. Legit SEC teams don’t play on Thursday night.

      • WarD Eagle

        Hopefully, that was sarcasm. Just in case…

        Florida: 1992
        Georgia: 1995
        Tennessee: 1996
        Arkansas: 2003
        Missouri: 2004
        LSU: 2007
        Alabama: 2010
        Mississippi State: 2011
        Vanderbilt: 2013
        Ole Miss: 2014
        Texas A&M: 2014
        Auburn: 2015
        Kentucky: 2015
        South Carolina: 2015

        • Herschel Krustofsky

          I see you decided to include Thanksgiving games in your little list (ours is one of them).

          I’d like to see a listing of the number of times each team has played in a regular season game on a Thursday (excluding Thanksgiving games this time).

          • WarD Eagle

            You’re welcome to compare my little list to a calendar.

            …and also a list of legit SEC teams

            • Herschel Krustofsky

              I already compared your little list to a calendar. Did you read what I wrote? I realize that you’re a bit embarrassed by how many times Auburn has played on Thursday night, especially at home, but that’s no reason to not read what people write.

              • WarD Eagle

                I was just hoping to confirm that you recognized the Thursday / Thanksgiving connection.

                I also notice you’ve avoided any discussion of “Legit” to which I was responding. Maybe you’re a bit embarrassed by certain measures of legitimacy.

  7. Nashville West

    Gee, I can think of a couple of reasons…
    1. $50>$0
    2. G-Day talent on field>Nichols, Vanderbilt and L-L combined

  8. DawgPhan

    They send these emails every year at this time. Not surprising.

    I was surprised to get an email like this for the kick off game.

    Even more surprised that the cut off this year was 1600, I believe it was.

  9. Dawg19

    We didn’t exactly light up Vandy last year. The game was in question until Sanders’ late pick-6. We lost to them the trip to Nashville before that. So I hesitate to call them a cupcake until we blow them out 3-4 years in a row.

  10. Herschel Krustofsky

    Will they run out of water before or during halftime of the Nicholls State game?

  11. ChicagoDawg

    I have been a season ticket holder since 1998 and travel from Chicago for football games. I consider myself a “real Dawg fan” but will admit it’s really hard to get excited about paying for airline tickets, rental car, etc and dealing with ORD and ATL to see UGA face any team from Louisiana that’s not LSU.