A different kind of envy and jealousy

You know what Paul Johnson’s dream job is?  Kirby Smart’s.

The new dynamic, of course, for Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson is that for the first time in his nine seasons with the Yellow Jackets, the Georgia coach on the other sideline will be Kirby Smart. Johnson isn’t sure what that could mean for the rivalry.

“I have no idea, we’ll see,” Johnson said. “I’ll have a better idea in a couple of years I guess. They’re always going to have good players. The place recruits itself. That’s not going to change for sure. It will be interesting to see how they do. It would be hard to say until we watch them play.”

“The place recruits itself.”  Could there be anything more Chantastic for the genius?


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44 responses to “A different kind of envy and jealousy

  1. Bright Idea

    Sounds like Tech is the place that is recruiting itself.

  2. Cojones

    He will have an idea in a couple of years? Like he will be there for two years more? Does he seriously think he has just had unlucky years and is about to have another?

    • Sh3rl0ck

      They don’t have the money to buy out his contract right now. They are still paying off round-ball coaches. Maybe when the new ACC Network money starts coming in they can afford it. Pulling that trigger is awfully hard. They know they will be wondering in the desert for five years when they do as they have to recruit a new team from scratch. Even then, they won’t get a coach that is worth a damn anyone that is good will not want to face that kind of time frame (unless there was an alumnus). They will have to fire the next guy just so that they have a shot at a decent coach.

      • Macallanlover

        That offense certainly does put them in a bind regarding the transition. He has about convinced them that you cannot recruit at Tech, totally ignoring that ND, Stanford, etc. have been able to overcome their “education standards”. It is like they have resigned themselves to mediocrity, and there aren’t enough football caring alums who understand the game, or really care. What isn’t Tech mediocre at? Must be their environment, mentality to accept what comes your way and not make the effort to succeed. Suits me, just sorry we keep giving them a home and home. I know, some can never get enough cupcakes.

        • Sh3rl0ck

          tech can not be beaten often enough or badly enough, cupcake or not. Give me the choice of a thrilling victory over a top 10 opponent or a 51-7 victory over tech, and and I will take the destruction of tech any day. Tuck Feck.

          • Russ

            No shit, Sh3rlock! Beat tech early and often.

            And I love the near guaranteed P5 win every year.

          • Mark

            I agree with every single word of that.

          • Macallanlover

            And I guess that is why we continue to play them as we do. I am not bitter about it because I know there are many who feel that way, and beating anyone is fun. I just don’t consider that the same level of achievement that I once did, they don’t mean that much to me. I love traditions in CFB as much as any one, this one just changed in priority, to me, when Dodd pulled his program out of the SEC., and more so when they became a mid-major and lost national respect. I view the FSU/FU, USC/ND, etc., out of conference rivalries differently.

            All SEC games we play are of more importance than GT, in my way of thinking, but I am still in a minority on this and must patiently wait for more change to occur. Just different preferences, maybe they will drop football and go away…probably my best chance.

            • Russ

              If we beat them so badly and so often they drop football, them I’d be happy about it.

              • Macallanlover

                We could all be happy then. 🙂 Unfortunately, the money deals make that virtually impossible.

            • stoopnagle

              I’d love to rotate them off and on with Clemson.

              But we got to beat ’em 9 straight before you change anything.

              • Macallanlover

                That would be nice. Would require moving it up in the schedule due to the Clemson-SC game, but that would be OK also. Could throw Ga. Southern in there, and make the GSU and Tech game in Athens each year. Neither of them rate a home and home anyway.

        • JCDAWG83

          Other than football, tech beats us regularly in the other mens sports. This is reason enough that McGarity should have been fired long ago.

    • It’s more like he has had 2 lucky years and doesn’t have the mentality to recognize it.

  3. I hope we beat the hell out of them in Athens. Of course, I hope we beat the hell out of them every year.

    • Mark

      If you told me that through some combination of dark magic, UGA was going to win only one game every year for the next hundred years, and handed me a schedule and told me I could choose which game it would be every year, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d say “I don’t need to look at the schedule. Will just beat tech every year.”

  4. why shouldn’t Tech recruit itself? Great tradition ,heart of the Empire State of the South and the Black Mecca. Access to both business and political leaders and the best computer nerds south of Boston and west of Palo Alto. And don’t give me that academics BS that athletics department got Tyrone,(remedial education drop-out/failure at UGA) Sorrells a degree from Tech. The academics argument is just craziness . You no longer have to pass calculus in order to get a degree from Tech and they have all types of programs with other schools that got Calvin Johnson a degree in Construction Science….so the ONLY reason Tech doesn’t recruit itself is they have the opposite of a charismatic Coach and run a high school offense. Reggie Ball was a rocket scientist. First down,second down third down, throw the ball out of bounds….Reggie Ball for UGA MVP Thanks Senator ….I feel better now….I’m going for a swim.

  5. 92 grad

    Make no mistake. Georgia tech football is exactly the way it is because fish fry and the AD both want it where it is. Plenty of fans for the small stadium, plenty of tv, good opponents, grab some wins now and then. The place runs itself with little stress. Doesn’t cost much and they can’t make much more unless they spend a whole lot more money.

  6. Walt

    UGA seems to be re fruiting itself a bit better now that Kirby is HC. Must be a coincidence.

  7. Uglydawg

    Maybe the genius is just resigned to state the obvious. If you walk around the UGA campus and don’t notice the scenery, you may be suffering from “Low T”.

  8. rchris

    We seldom compete against the insects for recruits, but the for the few times we do, this quote is pure gold. He’s essentially telling you which school is the more desirable place to play.

  9. None

    “Thomas’s recruiter at Alabama was Smart “so I know him pretty well.” Thomas backed away from the Crimson Tide as a defensive back commitment and signed to play quarterback for Georgia Tech.”

    So he decided to play QB in an option offense instead of playing corner back for Nick Saban. I don’t get it. Did Justin just not want to play in the league?

  10. lakedawg

    We can not have any worse than 13-2 the next 15 years.

  11. AthensHomerDawg

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Paul the Johnson was at Georgia it would NOT recruit itself. That guy can alienate Will Rogers.

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