Name that caption, motley crew edition

An alert reader passed this on to me.

Of course, have at it in the comments, but I can’t help observing that the last part of Bauerle’s caption is noteworthy as to whom it doesn’t mention.



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58 responses to “Name that caption, motley crew edition

  1. BulldogJay

    Nice work Coach Bauerle


  2. Chi-town Dawg

    Talk about a smack down on McGoofy by one of his staff – ouch! This only seems to validate how many of us view McGoofy;-)


  3. Your tax dollars at work.



    GATA Ray…looking good.


  5. budro

    Mark Richt has lost control of this photo op.


  6. Chi-town Dawg

    Now for the photo commentary….honestly, if I’d known Greg was on vacation this week, we wouldn’t have scheduled the reunion luncheon.


  7. Billy Mumphrey

    Donnan: two words Kirby. Pickle juice.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    I wonder if they picked out Donnan’s jacket color on account of his won / record against the nerds?


  9. Puffdawg

    VD is a self serving narcissist. And I hated Adams.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    Doff of the cap to Goff — he looks great, and I’d venture to bet he doesn’t partake much in Zaxby’s. Also good to see Donnan — I’ve always liked him and, if nothing else, you have to respect his absolute love for the Athens area.


  11. All are happy because the coach’s poker game can start back up now that you-know-who Mr. Goody Two Shoes is gone.


  12. Sh3rl0ck

    I can’t help observing that the last part of Bauerle’s caption is noteworthy as to whom it doesn’t mention.

    Surely you mean Michael Adams.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Joel Eaves. 😉


      • Bogart Double Dawg

        Yep, Jack’s been there a long time. Joel Eaves was the AD who hired Jack.

        That’s exactly who the Senator was discussing.

        Really I don’t know that McGarrity would even dispute Jack’s line about Coach Dooley. I believe he worked for Dooley as well. Certainly Dooley has his weaknesses, and has a healthy ego, but objectively he did a great job as athletic director for the entire program (even if you did not like the how the football program went for a decade or so, can’t argue about football’s performance in his last few years as AD we had some good teams).

        Ray does look good, a lot better than last time I saw him a few years back.


  13. Normaltown Mike

    Goff has slimmed down, good for him.


  14. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “Fired, Fired, Hired, and Fired.”

    I get the picture.


  15. RugbyDawg79

    Ray looks good and I also hated Adams.


  16. We have liked to pick on Donnan since his “I’ve waited 55 years to coach a team like this” comment, but the guy has remained pretty damn loyal to Georgia since he left the profession. He still refers to Georgia as “we” when he’s interviewed. He seems to be genuinely happy for Kirby.

    I wouldn’t go to him for investment advice, but the guy knows Xs and Os pretty well.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I also liked his work as a commentator. He’s funny, and yeah, he had problems with Yech, but wasn’t that when they had Cheatin’ George O’Queery on the other sideline? Not so much an excuse as an explanation that Tech was better then. It’s been all Chantastic Fish Frys since then.


  17. Russ

    Great work, Bauerle!


  18. Bulldog Joe

    Great to see the smiles. Oh, the stories.


  19. FisheriesDawg

    Baurle ought to be pretty happy with McGarity…how many ADs would sacrifice their Heisman-caliber RB to the NCAA to make sure they went easy on the swim coach?


  20. Starbreaker

    When I was in grad school (98-99) I needed to secure a speaker for a business school program that was somehow tied to athletics. I came across Ray Goff at another function and, in desperation, asked if he would be interested. He graciously said “Sure..just give me a call, I’m in the phone book.” I did and he spoke to a large audience and was hilarious. Great self-deprecating humor and a really humble, straight up nice guy. I remember some of the dickheads in the group were saying how they planned on heckling him…fortunately, they did not, and also, it would have been hard to since he won the crowd right off the bat. Obviously tanked as a coach, but I always had a really good memory of him after this experience and he seemed like a legit nice guy.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      ” I remember some of the dickheads in the group were saying how they planned on heckling him…fortunately, they did not, and also”…
      I don’t get that need to putz with someone .


      • Starbreaker

        Agreed…fortunately it was just a bunch of young male false bravado that probably wasn’t going to happen anyways, but definitely once the dude appeared very human in front of a room full of people.


  21. Cousin Eddie

    Wonder who said to McG, “No, you can’t be in the picture.”


  22. RocketDawg

    I saw this and immediately thought it was interesting how he made note of what a great boss Dooley was and no mention of McDoofus.


  23. Nashville West

    Not a red or black blazer in the bunch. Who dresses these guys, an auburn home ec major?


  24. Spike

    Good picture!


  25. illini84

    You think that picture is interesting wait for the book Jack will write when he unasses this outfit.