Accident? I think not.

It’s a damned conspiracy, PAWWWLLL.


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12 responses to “Accident? I think not.

  1. 83dawg

    My favorite logo mix up came courtesy of E$PN last year during an Euro soccer qualifying match:


  2. JCDAWG83

    Something like this will not help the barn’s raging inferiority complex at all. This could be a boon for therapists, counselors and psychologists all over the state of Alabama.


  3. DawgPhan

    went through the guide last night and started recording the games for the UGA takeover.

    A little disappointed in the games they choose. Not a single CMR coached game, which I guess makes sense.

    81 title game which isnt that interesting to re-watch.

    80 cocktail party. I guess..

    97 cocktail party should be watchable.

    2001 Perdue game, do I really want to watch UGA get down 25 to Brees again?

    Overall not that jacked about the UGA takeover.


    • 83dawg

      The 1997 Cocktail is really worth a look. For UGA there was Hines Ward, Mike Bobo, Kirby Smart (2 ints), and Robert Edwards. Two head coaches and 2 NFL players.

      Not to mention Fred Taylor for Florida.

      It was also the one and only time UGA beat Florida when Steve Spurrier was the coach.

      Florida entered the game ranked 6th (to UGA at 14) and was about a 3 touchdown favorite.


      • DawgPhan

        I recorded the 97 cocktail party and the 80 cocktail part. The storied with about Walker and the Kirby Smart interview.

        Was hoping for a couple of other games to rewatch, like hobnail boot which I dont think that I have ever seen, I listened to that game on the radio.


  4. Erin

    Dawg – hobnail boot was on 2-3 weeks ago. Keep an eye out.