Mark your calendars.

Well, now.  This is different.

Nice move, Coach Smart.


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21 responses to “Mark your calendars.

  1. Merk

    Let’s see how people complain about this. In before UNC is going to know what we are doing.

    Also, seems like a good way to boost fan attendance.


  2. Otto

    UNC is going to know what we’re doing


  3. @gatriguy

    I was in Knox that weekend last summer when UT did this. It was a big hit.


  4. DoubleDawg1318

    I bet this will be a huge hit! Would love to go myself!


  5. Uglydawg

    BM can make a lot of money on cold bottled water sales!! And kool aid.
    If NC is wise, they’ll just stay away, because they won’t have any idea if they’re seeing reality or ruse.


  6. summer graduation day too, wonder if I can do both?


  7. JakeScott

    It’s going to be hot. Good day to head over to Creature Comforts.
    Bonus: get to check out the new turf.


  8. JoshG

    Should be around 168 degrees.


  9. Timphd

    Kirby is winning the PR battle at least.


  10. Bright Idea

    93K again?


  11. RevDawg

    I’m thinking if 93K show for G-Day, might 30K show for a practice?


  12. ugadawgguy

    R.I.P. Picture Day. Like G-Day before it, it looks like the familiar, laid-back atmosphere synonymous with Picture Day/Fan Fay is a thing of the past, per Kirby.

    Hey, if that somehow translates to more wins, great. I’ll miss the casual nature that formerly characterized the event, but if crowding the stadium one more day out of the year is somehow useful to the team, I don’t mind staying home and avoiding the hassle.


  13. 202dawg

    Inclement weather, and it’ll all get cancelled/not rescheduled. Calling it now…


  14. Dawganova

    Corch Kirvy Smarts is da greatest of all time…I yield to da flow.