Clear as mud.

Georgia’s starting quarterback situation, that is.

“That can change after day. That can change before day one,” Smart said. “We’re not putting anything in stone so there’s no set or exact number of reps each guy gets. It’s going to be about how each guy is progressing, what they need, what the receivers need, where the quarterbacks need to rotate to. It’s not something that’s going to determine the outcome. That’s going to be determined by how they perform in a scrimmage-like situation.”

Smart said that he got good reports on all three quarterbacks over the summer months, when the players organized most of the on-field workouts without the presence of the coaching staff. Being able to see them in practice next week will be a good gauge in their offseason development, Smart noted.

“We’re going to be able to go out there now and work with them as far as the actual on-the-field workouts,” Smart said. “Hopefully, they’re establishing more mobility by stamina, quickness – all three of them can work on that. We’ve challenged all three of them to be more mobile. That’s the only thing we can tell right now.”

A lot can happen from now through the next few weeks, which will once again make this quarterback competition an interesting one to watch. Lambert will hope to stay the starter, while Ramsey and Eason look to unseat him.

“Obviously, when we get to the week of the first game, we would like to know who that is and we would like the reps to be balanced that way,” Smart said. “But to say that is unjust because I don’t know what’s going to happen until then.”

Jeez.  It’s déjà vu all over again.

Just promise me you won’t give one of them his first start against Florida, okay, Kirby?


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  1. ugafidelis

    Oy vey.


  2. Jared S.

    Dear God, no.


  3. AusDawg85

    I blame Bobo. First!


  4. He basically said that he reserves the right to do whatever he wants. BTW, the notion that having uncertainty/share reps is what caused our crappy QB play is absurd and by implication, the same thing will happen in 2016 is equally absurd. Our QB play was awful because we played a TERRIBLE QB. Whether or not Ramsey or Bauta could have done better over a 13 game season with a better crafted gameplan is unknowable.

    Also, there were folks with well placed sources a year ago that knew that Lambert was going to be Schotty’s choice. Those same individuals are saying that it will Eason and Lambert wont be #2. Further, the players largely know.

    Nonetheless, a college football coach is required to answer the question, and he gave what would seem like a formulaic answer that can be altered at any time.


    • BTW, the notion that having uncertainty/share reps is what caused our crappy QB play is absurd and by implication, the same thing will happen in 2016 is equally absurd.

      Terrific straw man argument.

      Nobody is arguing cause here. The argument – at least the one I’m making – is that the coaches didn’t do the QBs or the offense as a whole any favors by the way they handled the starting position. But I guess if your point of view is that it never mattered, then anything else would have been a waste of time. That’s certainly comforting.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        …the coaches didn’t do the QBs or the offense as a whole any favors by the way they handled the starting position”

        I think we would all agree with that, but am not sure it makes any sense to just name one, either. Plus, he may have promised them each a so-called fair shot at the starting position. If that is true, even if he has an idea who will start, he can’t say it for public consumption.

        I blame the media for asking the question. 🙂


      • mdcgtp

        Isn’t saying “doing the QBs no favors” implying some level causation of our problems?

        Otherwise, what’s your point? Are you implying that somehow Kirby’s comments imply that we are likely to mismanage our QB situation?


    • Olddawg55

      By the way, explain to me again…didn’t we have a 10-3 season even with the Florida debacle??



    O no! Here we go again. I thought he was going to do things differently. Guess I was wrong, but everyone knows the best QB he has is wearing #10


    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think anyone knows any such thing. There is probably a high percentage that feels he is the best pure passer on the team, but no one know how he will handle the QB job, on a macro basis, at this point. He may well win it outright early, or evolve into it over the course of games, but fans are being delusional if they think he will step in as if he were a seasoned veteran. You can make a pretty good case that he is the 3rd best QB at this point. I am all for him, but nervous as hell if he starts in the Dome.


  6. Uglydawg

    He’s just being honest. He has to see them in scrimmage situations…a lot…before he can judge for himself who should start. Even then he may not know and just have to spin the bottle. Some of us believed, or at least wondered if…Lambert is one of those guys who practices well but folds in the face of real defenses. How much of that was Schotty’s fault? I just hope we don’t see the same thing. If he’s deemed to be the best choice to start, I’ll buy it until I hear the band playing, “I’ve got you, Babe”. But this much is true— Kirby starts the season with three quarterbacks…two of them with more SEC experience than they had last year, and a potential All American pushing them. That’s got to be a better situation than last years.


    • Spin the bottle? C’mon brother, let’s be honest here…Lambert was the choice of BS and why I’ll never understand. CMR and Schotty couldn’t decide between those three who should be the man? YGTBFKM! They chose Lambert because he was all they had. For some reason, Ramsey just can’t cut it and it’s very obvious. He never even threatened Mason, and the fact that he couldn’t beat Lambert outright last season says it all. Lambert gets credit for protecting the ball and that’s it, pal. He couldn’t move the team down the field against any team that played half-assed defense. He was a statue in the backfield, and no team, not one, feared he could burn them downfield. He is, seriously a terrible excuse for a QB, at least at this level. Ramsey should be able to win the backup this year, but Eason will start. Maybe not the first snap in the Dome, but verrry soon after. And Ramsey should probably consider transferring next year if Fromm signs. That reminds me…we should seriously consider the possibility of another grad transfer next year…for you know…depth.


  7. Dave

    I see a lot of “here we go again” sentiments around the innerwebs. I don’t want to dare defend Richt (and I’m not), but has it occurred to anyone that the reason for the “here we go again” is because it’s the best way to approach what is a similar situation? Richt, and now Smart, along w/ different OC’s/QB coaches seem to think the best thing to do is split reps, coach ’em all up, and then decide based upon scrimmage(s).

    The problem, imo, is the situation, not the way it’s being handled.


    • WF Dawg

      I don’t know for sure that you’re right, but I think this is a perspective that can’t be dismissed out of hand. It was actually my first thought after reading CKS’s comments.


  8. Bright Idea

    Please don’t let the only coaching point be, “whatever you do don’t throw an interception.” That seemed to be the case last year with Lambert. Every QB already knows that but gluing the ball to their hand seldom works.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    If anyone thinks our QB situation is bad take a look around the division. Except for Dobbs, is there any QB that would be picked ahead of Eason, Lambert, OR Ramsey? If distributed to 3 different teams, they would make up half the division’s starting QBs!


  10. Noonan

    is greyson Lambert a elite quarterback?


    • Walt

      The question might be “will Grayson be more mobile after his off season workouts”? I don’t see how.

      However, it might be like the guy who’s hiking with his buddy and sees a bear. He yanks off his boots and starts putting on his trail running shoes. His buddy say, “You can’t outrun a bear”, and he says ” I don’t have to outrun a bear, I have to outrun you”.


  11. DawgPhan

    QBs, when you have 2 you have none. what happens when you have 3? coaches lose their jobs.


  12. P. Manning



  13. Sh3rl0ck

    As long as the offense doesn’t turn to shit resulting in them inserting Terry Godwin as QB for the Florida game while running the same god damn plays that weren’t working for Grayson Lambert, I will be ok.


  14. AJ

    “what the receivers need”


    I ask what receivers we got?



    • dawgtired

      We have targets…
      R. Davis
      M. Chigbu
      T. Godwin
      C. Hegedus
      I. McKenzie
      R. Ridley
      J. Stanley
      S. Williams
      J. Wims
      J. Blazevich
      J. Davis
      J. Harris
      I. Nauta
      C. Woerner

      I believe (really more like hoping) that the TE’s will play an important roll as receivers this season. Especially if the OL is improved…plus the RB’s out of the back field.


      • Cojones

        Good get. Lots of targets compared to last year. Just pick a no-name in the bunch – let’s say Stanley – and what have you got? The outstanding receiver in the Spring Game, that’s what. We have star receivers who can tear loose for YAC yds and other speed demons who can outrun most lofted balls. We have good to great receivers just aching to be tested.


  15. Cojones

    We ask, the media asks: “Who will start?”, and we gripe ignorantly about the answer. Short answer, he’s mixing and matching until over a week away from the Atl game when he will begin to assemble the starters with their QB. He tells us where we can pick up the clues and when and all we can do is denigrate the QB who won 10 for us last year. If we could be so lucky….

    We will all know right after Kirby and Co. decide and not sooner. We can be happy in the fact that they will choose what’s best for UGA as if their jobs depended upon it. Oh…wait….

    Just for kicks, I think I’ll announce the starter with my fake inside info every time this subject comes up again in the next month. And Senator, here is another writer who says that Lambert is the starter until the end of per KS. Maybe you should ask him where he got the info.


  16. PTC DAWG

    Anything right now is just folks wondering. If our starter goes 10-2 again this year, I will be a happy camper.