DGD passes away.

Damn, this sucks.

Hope they come up with a creative patch for the team jersey to honor him.



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  1. Spike

    He was one of the best ever and a DGD! Enjoyed his work in MAD magazine back in the day! RIP.


  2. Minnesota Dawg

    Yes, sad news indeed. RIP Jack.


  3. AO

    Godspeed, Jack!


  4. was he the original creator/source of our current “Hairy Dawg ” wasn’t he? Saw him a few years ago on St Simons. DGD RIP


  5. Cojones

    Gave one poster mounted on backing to my grandson and one of my other ones will be presented on my screen porch bricks staggered with one of my framed early Picasso prints.

    All of Jack’s prints are inspirational to the Dawg Spirit. Immortal DGD.


  6. Chi-town Dawg

    Long before the “real” UGA became famous, it was Jack’s cartoon versions that made national attention for the school. RIP To a DGD!



    RIP…I have one signed by CMR before he ever coached his first game in Athens. I won a raffle at a Coach speak thing at the Peachtree City Amphitheater….CMR even signed my name on it. 70th anniversary of Sanford Stadium poster.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    ugh, sad.

    Some folks that know him wanted to introduce me next trip to SSI, regret that I missed the opportunity.


    • ViningsDog

      I wanted to go down to SSI to meet him as well. As a side note, he put the names of his grandkids in the arm bands of UGA – you can see the name of “KATIE” at the right wrist wrap.


      • just sayin

        That’s his daughter. Been there since the beginning. And her husband’s name is on the left arm. Owners of the Hill Top Grill


      • Russ

        And “CHRIS” is on the other.

        RIP, sir. I enjoyed your work for many, many years. It was a happy day when I first realized the artist I enjoyed in Mad Magazine as a kid was also a Dawg and was providing those cool Dawg posters in the late 70’s early 80’s.


  9. Hats off to you Jack. Your work was a big part of my Georgia collection growing up.


    • Otto

      Agreed, he will be missed.

      I see his art and it reminds me of fun times going to games and growing up in the 80s. My parents kept the Poss (Sp? was that the vendor?) plastic cups from the games, that we as kids used every day, they had art work that was his or very much like it.


  10. S

    That’s as great a loss to us as Munson.


  11. hassan

    The man deserves his own museum.


    • doiknowu

      About a year or two ago the UGA art museum had a wing devoted to Jack. Don’t remember how long they kept it up, but I made a 200-mile round trip drive just to see it. Maybe they’ll do it again now that he’s gone.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        That would be a great idea, especially during football season. The problem is that I think that kind of stuff is planned waaay in advance. Maybe they will think about it and try to pull it off. If they couldn’t do it earlier, maybe by homecoming.


  12. Lrgk9

    My dad often remarked that on the wall under the bridge was a huge mural drawn by Jack of a bulldawg with a yellow jacket in it’s teeth. William Tate had it painted over and later when Davis graduated and found fame, Dean Tate lamented his coverup.


  13. paul

    While studying graphic design at UGA in the late seventies Jack visited our department several times. Just a few years ago, I sat with him at a party on Sea Island while he sketched what became our school mascot on a cocktail napkin. He was getting old and wasn’t in the best of health but Jack could still wield a sharpie. We will miss you.


  14. Saxondawg

    The thing about Davis is most Georgia fans have no clue how important he was to the whole field of illustration, not just his Dawg work that he largely did after retiring. Any of us who grew up with MAD magazine saw his work every month. He did many classic movie posters, covers of TIME and other magazines. And the notorious EC comics, Tales from the Crypt for example, that were forced to cease in the fifties–he was one of the two or three most prominent artists to draw those stories. He was a legend, and though we love him for his Dawg work, he’d have been legendary without it.


  15. Saxondawg

    Davis grew up in Buckhead, in what I’m told was a troubled childhood. He attended North Fulton High in the forties, just before my dad did. I sat with a nice (and wealthy) woman in her Buckhead home back in the early eighties, Mrs. Jones, who told me she had basically raised him as he was friends with her children. I have no memory of how that came out in the conversation. But I felt I was on hallowed ground then. As a cartoonist back in those days (my Ooga avatar is Davis-inspired), Jack was my greatest hero.


  16. Otto

    To tag along to the patch or helmet sticker. I hope there is a helmet sticker for the Auburn game of Hairy running over a Gator.


  17. jntiii

    Jack’s amazing artwork, Larry’s legendary voice; we really had (have) the most distinctive brand in the SEC. I hope we see a lot of Jack’s work this year around the program — patches, commemorative posters, in the hype videos, etc. He was a transcendent talent.


  18. TMC DAWG

    A true icon for all dawg fans.RIP


  19. gastr1

    Davis was a phenomenal illutsrator far outside the Dawg stuff, too — he had an incredible cultural impact. Remember all those TV Guide covers, the Mad Magazine cartoons, a ton of movie posters in the ’70s? He was all over the place back in the day. A real icon.


  20. AthensHomerDawg

    Glory days indeed….


  21. rocksalt

    They should come up with a sleeve or hand-wrap for the players to wear. With “Jack” written on it.