This CFP aggression will not stand, man.

A Jim Delany – Bill Hancock showdown?  One can only hope.



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8 responses to “This CFP aggression will not stand, man.

  1. Macallanlover

    I like “the look” of the Rose Bowl on a winter afternoon, but honestly, I don’t think all that many fans outside the Big? and the PAC put it on a shelf so high. I understand that was their only bowl for many years, so it was the goal….for them, not everyone else. I could care less if the Rose Bowl is one of the key bowls that host playoff games, or not. If so, I will exactly the same amount of time watching it as I would if the game is in Dallas, AZ, or Georgia. Get over yourselves, your haughty attitude is unbecoming of a nice CFB tradition. Nice tradition, but no better than the Sugar, or Orange. In fact, the game is usually less entertaining because the Big? are pretty boring.


    • Cojones

      The Big lives in yesteryear and shouldn’t be considered for dogshit until Delany cuts the cords and opens the Rose Bowl to other conferences. When the Big 10 ruled the world (they can’t even remember since it’s been so long) they had competitive games, but since 1940s have been living on media-spliced reputations that ignore that the SEC was the moving force for them to restrict that bowl. Pac 12 now is the governing body as measured by their wins and that is another slippage that causes Delany to grind his teeth.

      Open up the Rose Bowl again and then we will talk, Delany. Otherwise, Harbaugh is not going to resurrect the Michigan thudders that caused us to display a modicum of respect toward the Big and that might awaken your yesteryear. I would just love to see UGA go to the West Coast as a recruiting ground after wiping the champions of both participating conferences in the dirt.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    How many more years does the Rose Bowl have the exclusive on the 4:30 Eastern time slot? If the CFP can put its games in the same time slot, all it will take to get the Rose Bowl to move is a year or two of weak ratings.


    • Macallanlover

      Their ratings are inflated due to the exclusive time slot. They would have strong ratings anyway but the other bowls, at least one or two,are crazy to not take a time opposite that game because they are the default winner if there is a clunker in the Rose. (like last year). We layer three SEC games on top of one another earlier in that day then are forced to accept the Rose matchup with no other option. I understand ABC wanted to protect that advertising windfall but what is CBS, or Fox Sports thinking?


      • Chi-town Dawg

        Agree the Rose Bowl is way overrated and I think the real issue is that ABC/ESPN controls 95% of the TV bowl game telecasts, so they intentionally make sure there’s little to no overlap of their games. I also wonder how the Outback or Capitol One advertisers would react if told their game would be airing against a CFP type of bowl game. They’d likely want a big discount on the price they pay for time slots.



    I just hope we get to play in the damn thing again someday.


  4. 69Dawg

    It would be bad news for the Outback and Capital One if they didn’t kick off at O dark thirty. All the big bowls used to be on New Years Day until Arizona got into the act. Sugar, Orange and Rose were back to back with the CBS Cotton up against the Sugar. When the Fiesta Bowl came in it screwed it up. Now ESPN wants all the New Years games played on it’s different platforms and we have to have multiple TV’s going or got to a bar. I like the bowl games, or at least the major ones, but it makes for some engineering to see them all. Unless Fox and CBS can get some of the big boys back nothing will change.


  5. DugLite

    Yeah well….that’s like your opinion man.