I love the smell of capitulation in the morning.

Bill Hancock, tower of Jello.

“We had healthy discussions with a lot of people who love college football and we concluded that making these changes would be the right thing to do for our fans.” said Hancock.

“We tried to do something special with New Year’s Eve, even when it fell on a weekday. But after studying this to see if it worked, we think we can do better.  These adjustments will allow more people to experience the games they enjoy so much.  For these four years, our previous call is reversed.”

Translation:  ESPN was pissed off that our stubbornness was bleeding viewership and we had no choice but to give in.

If you want to know where the CFP is headed, just listen to what Hancock guarantees will happen and figure on the opposite instead.



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14 responses to “I love the smell of capitulation in the morning.

  1. Connor

    As a college football fan there’s nothing more terrifying to me than Bill Hancock’s assurance they are not going to an 8 game playoff.


  2. Russ

    What a tool. His assertions about a “new CFB tradition” on NYE sounded like Baghdad Bob.


  3. baitstand

    Just cut out a few layers of bureaucracy and make the ESPN programming department the CFP committee.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “We had healthy discussions with a lot of people who love college football”

    Funny, I don’t recall ever hearing Mickey Mouse say anything about his love of cfb.


  5. Derek

    I would suggest that the lack of a firm semifinal date makes playoff expansion more problematic. When do you play the 4 play in games is you go to 8 now? The conference championships are set and can be as late as 12/8. The Heisman and army/navy is the next Saturday. Christmas is upon you at that point and you may have semifinals on the 27th. It would seem pretty unworkable unless you move the final eight games in the slots where the semifinals are now, figure out a way of playing semifinals without competing against NFL playoffs and playing the final the week before the super bowl.

    Seems very unworkable. Getting to 4 has been difficult enough logistically.
    I think we may be stuck with 4 and that’s a good thing.


    • Otto

      Playoff date should be New Years Day, that is the tradition in College Football…. big games on Jan. 1


      • I agree. Games scheduled on NYE stunk. I ended up DVRing the games and watching them the next day, which was a challenge to avoid sports scores until I could watch both games. And if history tells us anything, the play-in games will likely be better than the championship game most of the time.


    • JCDAWG83

      The CFS conferences seem to make it work.


      • Derek

        They aren’t worried about a TV audience because they don’t have one. Don’t count on the big boys suddenly being as indifferent to the bottom line. The big boys have a bottom line to lose.



    Just being smart, many bitched about NYE playoff games. I don’t blame them one bit….


  7. Macallanlover

    I would watch the CFB games if they were played on my anniversary, so I have no understanding of why CFB fans balked at New Year’s Eve at all. The Peach Bowl was on my agenda for New Year’s Eve long before any CFB playoff game ever came around. And I never regretted that plan, in fact, struggled to see what could have ever been better. As a couple, or with another couple over for dinner and football, I wondered how anyone could find something more enjoyable on NYE. Doesn’t matter to me, I am all-in on whatever dates they choose.


  8. fred russo

    Screw ESPN there Liberal ASS/H