It’s just a passer rating, dog.

Man, this may be the harshest thing Marc Weiszer has ever written about Matthew Stafford’s Georgia career:

Georgia’s Matthew Stafford in 2006 ranked 86th in the nation in passing efficiency with seven touchdowns and 13 interceptions. One spot behind him was Georgia Tech’s Reggie Ball.

Talk about your measure of greatness.


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  1. 81Dog

    true freshman, even talented ones, have a hard time coming into a major conference and lighting it up as QBs. Although, I think it is fair to point out that MS’s improvement curve was going up sharply from the AU game forward, with a huge upset at AU, a win over Tech, and an impressive comeback over VT in the bowl game.

    Reggie? I guess even with experience, statistics are just statistics, dog, you know?

  2. Derek

    FWIW: Matt was 5 of 12 for 102 in his first spring game. 64 of that came on the first play.

    Hardly the 19 of 29 for 244 performance we got out of Eason.

    We should recognize, more than any other fan base, that not all freshman are alike.

    • 81Dog

      One hopes you are correct, and that Eason is lights out from day 1 of the regular season. But Eason having a good day in a spring scrimmage isn’t necessarily a sign that he’s going to do that against UNC. I’m not downplaying his talent, or the effort it appears he’s putting into the offseason, I’m just trying to temper my expectations. I’m hopeful he’ll be everything all of us want him to be, though.

      • Derek

        We don’t need “lights out.” We need “better than Lambert.” We need someone to make plays from the QB position so that every defense we play isn’t loading the box and playing their corners on an island. In short we need to create a threat from the player who touches the ball every play. He doesn’t need to be All-SEC or a Heisman candidate from day one. Just have the LB’s and Safeties worried about getting scorched rather than having their ears pinned back and salivating at gross offensive ineptitude.

        For those of us who were around in 1991, Zeier was by far the best QB on campus when he showed up that spring. He wasn’t “lights out” as a freshman but he was better than Preston Jones and Greg Talley. Most importantly he played with guts and toughness and swagger.

        The gap between Eason and Lambert may even be greater. Also remember that in 1991 we were still in the days where 3rd and 8 may mean toss sweep to Hearst. Those days are over. The QB is more important to a team’s success in 2016 than it was in 1991.

        (I would note that we lost at Tuscaloosa 10-0 in 1991. Zeier didn’t start, but played most of the game. We had 2 possessions inside Bama’s 10 and got no points. Not bad against a team that was on game 1 of what would be a 28 game winning streak. Two weeks later, Zeier started and we beat #6 Clemson.)

        • bigdawg

          was at that game…copeland and curry killed zeier….would not have blamed him if he gave up football after that

          • Derek

            He didn’t tho. Tough little bastard. The tide beat him up even more in 1994 down there. It’s a shame that we weren’t very good his last two years in Athens. Eric should get more appreciation than he’s gotten.

            I snuck into Sanford that spring when they were doing a midweek scrimmage. They were rotating qbs and Preston would drop back, someone would get close and he’d go into the fetal position. Talley was pretty much doing the same thing. No ability to stand in there, look downfield and deliver it without regard to the chaos around them.

            Zeier goes in and hit Andre on a 25 yard crossing pattern like there was nothing to it. Right then and there I knew we had a quarterback.

            Still surprised than no one kicked me out and I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t get away with it today but on that day in the spring of 1991, I just needed to see for myself what we had. Fortunately I was still skinny enough then to shimmy under the gate.

        • 81Dog

          I don’t know if “better than Lambert” is setting the bar high enough, but you’re certainly right that it would be an improvement. And, you’re right about EZ, who was pretty good all year, despite taking some lumps. We can’t put Eason in bubble wrap, but if he’s the guy who gives us the best chance to win, at any point in the season, I’m all for putting him in there. I guess it would be a combination of his play/preparation, the staff’s ability to scheme to his strengths, and his teammates ability to protect him on O, and give him time to breathe when we’re on D.

          This isn’t exactly deep insight on my part, since I guess you could say that about any QB any year. I’m happy to be impressed with Eason if he’s ready to go, I’m just tempering my expectations based on years of watching freshmen QB adjust to the college game. Isn’t part of being a UGA fan a little bit of a concerned outlook?

    • Cojones

      Wow! G Day comparisons of QBs. Just the measuring stick we have been clamoring for and where the Senator slyly tries to lead us askance. I think we tackled harder back then plus the Coxian theory was in play. Who was on our O-line then and which team was Matt against vs the team that Eason faced? This has tantalizing comparisons that I never gave a thought to where we would look. And wasn’t that SG a scrimmage back then vs the flag game we play now by not tackling the QB to the ground?

      Point is, I can’t wait to see Jacob playing against SEC teams and to watch the SEC teams play with him. That’s the only gauge we judge against here and that we won’t see to judge Jacob for a while.

      • Derek

        I was gauging Eason vs. Stafford. Not Eason vs. the sec. Yes they were both concensus no. 1 hs qb’s but one seemed to struggle less in his first public debut against players who play in the sec and with players who play in the sec. I would note that I opened with “FWIW.”

        Ignore all context of the post to make a counterpoint to a point that wasn’t made, but thanks.

        Taking your lead I suggest that by saying: “Point is, I can’t wait to see Jacob playing against SEC teams and to watch the SEC teams play with him. That’s the only gauge we judge against here and that we won’t see to judge Jacob for a while” you’ve suggested that no one should be talking about Jacob Eason ever about anything until after he’s played in sec game. In other words if we beat UNC and he goes 25 of 33 for 338 and 4 tds, who cares? UNC is an ACC school.

        I know that’s not what you meant it’s a simple bogus needless abuse of your point, but I also know that your in no position to complain about that.

        • just sayin

          Now now unity and all that. Your girl is on stage tonight!

          • Derek

            I think they’re just going to have her dress up in a Che Guevara t-shirt get up and ask Fidel Castro, as his last act on behalf of the world’s long suffering proletariat, to help us all out with this whole trump “problem.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

            It’s just a joke though. Sarcasm. Don’t you get it? Treason is so fun ain’t it? I think Fox News would laugh all day long about that one…funny. Asking foreign governments to interfere with elections is just all in fun and within the bounds of good taste for a mature, sane, qualified nominee of a national political party.

            In all seriousness though this IS funny:

            • Tlkdawg

              How many American ambassadors died at a foreign embassy due to Trumps’ joke. Less than the one Hillary is responsible for, I believe. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

              • Just amazing how some of you can politicize a post about… Reggie Ball.

                Well done, peeps.

              • Derek

                Ambassador Stevens knew the risks he faced. Can we say the same about the victims of 9/11?

                • Tlkdawg

                  Deflect, blame Bush, rinse, repeat. I’ve never understood the liberal mind when it comes to facts. As a conservative, I think Bush was a disaster as a president. Telling me he was a disaster in no way makes Hillary more qualified for a job that she clearly cannot do. Bush is a diehard globalist, same as Hillary, every democrat, and all republican party hardliners.( see: Ryan, McConnell) They are all the problem, not the solution for our countrys’ best interest.

                  • Derek

                    We agree on something: you assholes voted in a disaster, twice. As far as globalism, where does Saint Ronnie sit? Who is your anti-globalist hero?

                    Personally, I think we lost our capacity to retreat from our role in the world after we were dragged into WWII to save the world from tyranny. I’d rather not have to do that again, but since you anti-globalists are so retrograde maybe you want to relive the past.

  3. Rival

    Both were MVPs for UGA.

  4. Uglydawg

    Man, I miss those two.

  5. @gatriguy

    Maybe this is revisionist history on my part, but one of the biggest things in my head about that 2006 season is a ton of dropped passes and passes that receivers bounced up that were then picked off. Could be totally not true, but it seems like that in my head b


    Stafford came into his own at the AU game…and stats can be made to say anything.

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, but that year was the highlight of Reggie Ball’s career, the numbers he’d been striving for.

    Tech lost The World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party 9-6 to WAKE FOREST. Reggie contributed about 3 int’s. In front of about 20,000 damp fans in Jax.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe it’s because we had a 3 way competition going into that season. Many felt Stafford was by far the most talented QB, which of course was the simple truth. He should’ve gotten picked as the regular QB from the get go. If Stafford was given more attention and reps he would have been acclimated much sooner.

    All I can say is ‘good luck with that’, if weiser thinks JoeT was a better choice than Stafford. JoeT as starting QB was a bonehead decision – and that’s not revisionist history.

  9. 69Dawg

    Anybody out there remember the incredible physical beating Stafford took at UK? He said in an interview that game was his most remediable college game. As it turned out it prepared him well for his life with the Detroit Lions.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      The beating that Cory Phillips took against the Pilsbury Throw Boy and later against Ga Tech. Beats anything I’ve ever witnessed. I thought tech blew out his kidney.

      ….of course the hotshot qb for Hawaii came pretty close to spending time in ICU vs the Dawgs. Imho.

      • Derek

        I remember Dondreal (sp?) Pinkins running up the middle vs. us in 2004. Blue and Davis hit him at basically the same time. The ball dropped on the ground at that spot (about 5 to 6 yards past the LOS). Mr. Pinkins however didn’t come to rest until he was about at the LOS sans helmet if I recall correctly. In any event, I remember thinking that if I ever got hit that hard, I’d never be back, ever. Just done.

        Playing QB in the SEC isn’t for the weak of heart. You’d better be mean, stupid or both and have enough talent to make those attributes work for you. I’m sorry but I don’t think Greyson is any of that.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Small World Dept. Dondrial was Justin Scott-Wesley’s high school coach in South Georgia.