Today, in stats you weren’t expecting…

I give up.  I no longer know what to think about Georgia’s offensive line’s performance last season.

Raise your hand if you thought you’d see that.  Of course, maybe nobody in the conference could pass block worth a flip, but that sure seems to make it harder to lay all the blame on the o-line for the inconsistent play at quarterback last season.


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48 responses to “Today, in stats you weren’t expecting…

  1. That doesn’t surprise me, but I would love to see the short yardage blocking efficiency. I pretty much imagine it sucked.

  2. McTyre

    People who continue to judge our talent based primarily on how they fared under Sale and Shotty aren’t demonstrating much of an understanding of the role of coaching in outcomes. Let’s see how these players fare under seasoned SEC coaches like Chaney and Pittman.

  3. That probably places a high value on minimizing sacks, and we all know Lambert would throw a 2 yard pass, or simply throw it at someone’s feet if anyone got near him.

  4. Derek

    Facts be damned! It was schotty and sale!!!! Lambert’s awesome!!!

    • Cojones

      Atta’ boy! Awelamb sounds like a good meme since it can have two connotations. And did you see his SC and Southern U games? I had an O-line excuse for the next 2-4 games, but Bluto just fucked that up (plus the Mizzou, Tenn and a couple other games).

      Anyway, won’t it be great to see ole Awelamb back in the traces this year?

  5. JCDAWG83

    I think you have to look at our opponents last season. We beat exactly one D1 team with a winning record and that was Georgia Southern. Combine that with a qb who got rid of the ball the instant he felt any pressure and the stats probably get skewed a great deal.

    • Mayor

      I saw/recorded/watched on replay every game last season. Lambert did dump the ball off quickly because the O-line pass blocking was bad. I personally would rather he did that than take a sack or throw an INT. That doesn’t mean the O-linemen were bad individually. But they never “gelled” as a unit and IMHO that’s on the coaches. Frankly, as bad as Georgia’s coaching staff has been it is amazing to me that the Dawgs won as much as they did the last few years. Basically we just out-athleted the teams we beat but whenever Georgia had to play a team with comparable talent the Dawgs would lose, sometimes in embarrassing fashion. That went on (with a few exceptions) for most of the CMR regime. I liked the guy personally but I am glad he is gone.

  6. CB

    It seems pretty obvious that the main issue with the qb play last season was lack of talent. Lambert was our best option after losing the starting job at a bottom feeder ACC program. Then you have Ramsey who averages an interception every 25 passes or so. Also, if you google his stats the first links are his punting numbers.

  7. Uglydawg

    All of the above. Also had the schedule had been just a little tougher, or if defensive backs had hands, whew! (and yes, I realize that playing “ifs and buts can make an arguement either, If Chubb hadn’t been injured)

  8. Jason

    The Oline didn’t make Lambert look indecisive for the majority of the games he played.

  9. hassan

    A quick incompletion shows up as good protection in the stat box.

    • Macallanlover

      That is what I think as well, and why this stat is of little value in rating our OL. When you add in our need to utilize the TE to stay in and help block, it is further diminished. We were a bad run block OL, and an average pass block OL to me.

      • 69Dawg

        =1 on the TE to block. That caused more restriction of our passing game than anything else IMHO.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. What came immediately to my mind were the 2 yard dinks when it was 3rd and 7+/-. Sure, we got a pass off and maybe a completion, but no first down. It’s the offensive equivalent of ‘punt safe’.

  10. DawgPhan

    So stats that say hey UGA wasnt super awful last year are stupid.

    Stats about how super awful they were are awesome.

    gotcha. great work everyone.

    • Uglydawg

      I don’t think UGA was “super awful last year”. I think they were mediocre with a favorable schedule. It was a weird year. Give Chubb back, and the season probably becomes very good…The reason Lambert had such great numbers against a very poor SC defense was their respect for the running game. As the running game faltered with Chubb’s knee injury, defenses found that they could play pass first and Lambert couldn’t handle it. Throw in some curious coaching decisions, and you have overtime against GaSouthern, struggles with MO and GT and gifts to UT and UF. Yes, the book will always show 10 wins and that’s great, but all of us that lived through it know how it actually went.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        “As the running game faltered with Chubb’s knee injury, defenses found that they could play pass first and Lambert couldn’t handle it.”

        It seems to me that as the season went on teams adjusted to Lambert’s deficiencies. He couldn’t throw a long pass very well. Add to that CMR’s tendency to be ultra conservative, and by the last third of the season we were down to being a team that rarely did anything to stretch the field.

    • JCDAWG83

      I think it says all that needs to be said that a traditional SEC football power program that ended the season 10-3 with a decent bowl win over Penn State was not ranked. I would venture that no SEC team has ever been unranked after a 10-3 season.

    • DaddyRichATL

      Yep sounds about right

  11. Hobnail_Boot

    Auburn is a bigger surprise on that list than Georgia.

    They Plainly sucked last year.

    • WarD Eagle

      I had the same thought. They were obviously bad. But this puts a candle on top of their badness. I remember some game where receivers dropped 7 balls. Outside of Jeremy Johnson’s Summer Heisman, the QB play wasn’t what you would call you would call stellar, or even good, but it makes you wonder what was happening. Interesting that all that happened then AU lost their receivers coach – a great recruiter and former AU QB.

      Can’t wait to see a couple of punterceptions in the first game again.

  12. PTC DAWG

    Lambert went 10-2…was denied a shot to win the East…I hope we are better off for it. We will see in a few years. IMHO…Lambert wasn’t the problem.

  13. Greg

    In my opinion, part of the inconsistent play at QB was our small recievers getting jammed at the LOS, not getting open when they could run their route and youth…it looks to be a different situation this year. Hopefully some off this new blood coming in will help. Really excited to see what Woerner can do, I believe you will see the staff flex him out….he will be tough to cover. I believe we will see a more improved Lambert this year….while Eason sits and learns.

    • Trbodawg

      It’s hard learn ( an activity) while sitting

      • Reipar

        Luckily in addition to the sitting portion of learning he also gets to practice. Think of it as a two step process to development.

    • Cojones

      But…but…but Eason and Nauta have become a team. Plus Woerner and others all have become a cabal that freezes Lambert out.

      All the excuses we come up with are valid as a whole explanation of last season. Now the bastards are taking away the excuses one by one. It’s a damned conspiracy, I tells you. I’m unsure whether improvements by Lambert will be noticeable after all the pundits wade in this coming season. His play has become sensitized to the point that everything he does is under a skewed microscope in order for some to try to prove their analysis of QBs is somehow superior and we are unable to judge for ourselves. Of course those comments are coming from the same “Make UGA Great Again” crowd that sing from the same hymnal used last year.

  14. Bigshot

    Pass blocking at UGA hasn’t been a problem. It has been run blocking that has been lacking

    • Greg

      Chubb =’s 8.1 YPC last year & 7.4 YPC for his career. Wonder what he could do if we ever got our run blocking straightened out ..😀

      • Mayor

        I actually think the pass blocking was worse than the run blocking last season. Didn’t show up in the stats but it sure showed on the field.

  15. The Dawg abides

    This has been the longest damn offseason I can remember.

  16. If we were tied for the 3rd best record in the SEC, why should we be shocked by the fact that we had the 3rd best line. Let’s not over think this.. Lose the best running back in America and still finish 10-3 …somebody,somewhere must have been doing something right. I’m with Hobnail’s comment above ,I’m much more surprised by Auburn’s 2nd place finish.