“I will now pull for South Carolina to win every game but one…”

Thanks for everything, Columbia.

Although, it seems like Spurrier kinda quit pulling for South Carolina last season, now that I think about it.




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42 responses to ““I will now pull for South Carolina to win every game but one…”

  1. That would be like Boom coming home…..er no.

  2. Denver94

    Wait, are teams allowed to have two head coaches?

  3. Go Dawgs!

    Seems reasonable, really. It’s kinda classy of him to even mention the Gamecocks at all.

  4. Silver Britches

    Speaking of South Carolina, I can’t believe we haven’t sold out our allotment yet. That’s usually a tough ticket to get through Hartman. The cutoff to request them was 40,000.

  5. Bright Idea

    Old Spur dog has now quit on the Gamecocks twice.

  6. Dawg Vegas

    I wonder if S. Carolina is still paying him…

  7. @gatriguy

    Good God I hope he has to sit in Jax for some beat downs

  8. Bob

    Does this mean the OBC will now only pull for Georgia in 10 games?

  9. Dawg19

    So who will replace Spurrier as ambassador at SC? Joe Dirt?

  10. AusDawg85

    Good for the OBC…back where we can hate him properly. The whole USCe thing just never felt right.

  11. Cousin Eddie

    i thought he was already an ambasstard, what changed?

  12. Mike

    He is back where he belongs

  13. Mayor

    So….they renamed the field at FU after SOS. I guess the place is now Ben Hill Griffin Steve Spurrier Florida Field the Swamp. Or did they decide to insult one of Florida’s greatest citizens and just drop his name like a hot rock from the litany?

  14. 86BONE

    SteveDog…now that’s funny!!
    The Old Ball Sack can now sit in his air conditioned box in JVille and see his gators get their damn teeth kicked in by our men wearing the “red bonnets”, as Erk used to say. Speaking of Erk, I am ready for those days again between the hedges…men tough as a lighter knot! Ask Squab Jones why we were gonna win…”cause we are the GD Georgia Bulldogs”!!!!

  15. so goal is to make the old ball sack quit the Gaturs just like he quit the cocks. 52 points should do it.

  16. McTyre

    Kind of sad that a guy clearly burned out on the game feels compelled to take a ceremonial post usually created for “retiring” coaches or ADs. Guy clearly has no life outside the game despite Mrs. Spurrier’s best efforts. My guess is that he’s doing this to try to whitewash his title-less tenure at SCU with a memory lane trip through UF. Can’t imagine Boom is jazzed about the potential backseat driving.

  17. JCDAWG83

    How bad must the chickens be if a hall of fame coach finds a way to quit on them twice within a year?

    • 81Dog

      ask yourself an honest question: if you had a choice between living in Columbia, SC and pretty much anywhere in Florida that had air conditioning, where would you go? I’m not surprised the OBC left them, I’m just surprised it took as long as it took.

  18. Hogbody Spradlin

    The problem with naming Steve Spurrier ambassador of anything is that the term “ambassador” implies a modicum of diplomacy.

  19. Pantslesspatdye

    I wonder if this will cost him his Masters membership

  20. I’ve always read that he’ll always dislike the dawgs for ruining his season during his Heisman year. I believe that was Bill Stanfill sacking him several times. I’m 42 years old and didn’t see UGA during the 60s so I’m not sure.

  21. It was probably 76 Patton and 77Stanfill getting after his ass! And they were GD Georgia Bulldogs Squab!! This is how a bigamist must feel for Christ Sakes!! Is he still being paid by the Cocks??? Mike Potter

  22. 79Dawg

    I’m guessing the cocks crowing about Spurrier’s 200th win (as if they had much to do with it) walking out of the stadium in ’14 are…totally unphased by this