T-minus one to preseason camp

David Paschall asks some obvious questions here, but I think we may have just found out what the biggest one is as we head into tomorrow.


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11 responses to “T-minus one to preseason camp

  1. Derek

    Where’s a half dozen Chuck Bednarik’s when you need them?



  3. Castleberry

    Is Kiante Tripp a graduate assistant now?

  4. Macallanlover

    Not ideal but who can be surprised if this happens? We have known since spring that depth on the DL was our biggest issue, this is what you do as you prepare; better now than when a real crisis occurs. If your secretary is out of the office you answer your own phone, if the pilot dies of a heart attack you grab the controls. I saw Rocky Colavito pitch an inning or two when all the pitchers had been used. Happens on all teams. Ledbetter’s issues has put the team in a deeper hole, Kirby has to make adjustments.


    Anybody ever heard of a 2 way player on both lines of scrimmage?

  6. Bright Idea

    18 OLs and 14 DLs….at Georgia?