Today, in comparisons you weren’t expecting

Greg McElroy has just caused me to re-evaluate my mental image of Jacob Eason.

“I do think Eason from an arm talent standpoint might be as talented as anybody in the entire country,” McElroy said. “The guy that I think only rivals him in arm talent alone is Jeremy Johnson at Auburn…”

Oof.  Maybe bringing Eason along slowly isn’t such a bad idea after all.



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19 responses to “Today, in comparisons you weren’t expecting

  1. Arm talent? Guess Herschel and Bo had leg talent.


  2. Reggie

    Most have talent, his is top 5 in the country, but it’s about heart and head mostly, and he has “IT.”


  3. 81Dog

    I hope Eason has eye talent. And brain talent. And ear talent. Not sure Jeremy Johnson had all of those, though he may have had tremendous hand talent; he may have been the best QB in America last year at identifying and hitting the open defender. I guess it’s just hard being a QB.

    I hate analysis-speak. Eason is supposed to be a pretty good athlete. I wonder if he can score the basketball.


  4. Macallanlover

    Don’t follow that award closely, did Jeremy Johnson win the Heisman last year as expected?



    You do not know how he will do until you put him in the game. If Lambert starts in ATL, and faulters how long will CSM wait before he makes a change? Wasn’t KIRBY BROUGHT in to up grade the head coaching position?


  6. Johnson was very adept at throwing the ball up for grabs and the opposing defense took advantage


  7. Mark

    The only UGA QB I’ve ever seen do well as a true freshman was Zeier and he didn’t start till late in the year. If you run the wishbone or something similar, you can get away with playing a freshman more quickly. I think people just like seeing the talent play even if we lose. Maybe, in their minds, they think if the most talented guy plays, even if he’s not ready, then everything was done that could be done to win. Give me a less talented QB who knows how to handle the ball any day over a gunslinger that hasn’t learned to take care of the ball yet. Eason will have his chance, but let him develop. It will be better for him and UGA will win more games in the process.


    • Josh Rosen is on line 1 for you…..


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      ” I think people just like seeing the talent play even if we lose.”

      Of course they do, especially if the less talented QB can’t win it. You speak as though the game manager QB is going to get us a win. That is not a given. Go watch some of last year’s games. Some of that might be on Schotty, but Greyson had his issues as well regardless of who the OC was.


      • Mark

        True freshmen QB’s will lose 2 to 3 games that a decent game manage would win. Of course, I am not a fan of “play em now so they’ll be better for next year”. Better to do all you can to win this year. No since in playing a kid just because he has a better arm. Let him learn the college game and come in when he can actually help the team win. If he’s better than the “game manager”, including reads, knowing what to do, and all the other things that many fans don’t see, then play him. Generally speaking, the true freshman won’t be better until he’s been around the college game close to a year.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    If I am KIrby, Jacob starts unless in practice he hasn’t shown he has as yet been able to adapt to the speed of the game. I wouldn’t want him to go out there and get crushed and ruin his confidence. But that’s really the only reason in my mind to hold him back.

    We’ve seen his arm, and for that matter, his accuracy, and if Kirby wants someone who ‘makes every other player on offense better’ he should be the guy. I think just his presence on the field will have defenses – at least initially – play back in order to defend the pass and that will open up underneath screens and passes to the TEs as well as the running game.

    I am willing to admit that Lambert knows more of the playbook than probably anyone except the coaches, and can read a defense better and get them in the right play, but if you can’t execute the play what good is that? I’ve been watching too many games from last year, and if I had a nickel for every time I heard Gary Danielson (or a similar talking head) say ‘Lambert had them in the right play, but they just couldn’t close the deal’, I could pay my water bill this month.


    • Cojones

      The same reasoning can be applied to Lambert’s good plays, it’s just that no one does. Twelve TDs with 2 int. plays all year and if you would look closely at your film, you might just enjoy many of his completions that are pure talent, especially several TD passes into the end zone.

      If you can’t take the ride, don’t get on the boat.


    • Does Lambert really know anymore of the playbook than Eason or Ramsey? They have all had their eyes on this particular play book for the same amount of time.


  9. Bright Idea

    If he gives us the best chance to win I hope the only reason Eason stays on the bench is not because he is a just freshman and freshman QBs just can’t be successful in the SEC. Managing the game and running out the clock seldom works anymore.