That’s what they’re paying him for.

Does Tuscaloosa translate well to Athens?

Georgia coach Kirby Smart says he isn’t going full Alabama with his approach as far as running his team but it is very similar. “It’s not an exact footprint of the last nine years at Alabama, but it’s close.”

We’re about to find out.



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10 responses to “That’s what they’re paying him for.

  1. AusDawg85

    Doesn’t have control over Jimmy Williamson yet and no contract with local Walmart to display National Championship trophy. Hey, these things take time.


  2. lakedawg

    I think to go full Alabama, we have to get Nicky over here.



    Makes sense to me


  4. He can pick any model he desires, but the bottom line is: “Just Win Baby”!


  5. Macallanlover

    Bet we begin to see an Alabama-like access to practice information, beginning immediately. And we are all starved for something tasty to chew on after a long off season.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    We don’t need to be Alabama. We can’t duplicate Alabama, even if McGarity plays ball, without everything in the state being crookedly rigged for Bulldog football. That ain’t gonna happen as long as Atlanta has a press that ain’t intimidated like Birmingham. As much contempt as I usually feel for ‘gotcha journalists’, that’s a good thing.

    We just need a coach and staff who will be tough enough on the players and diligent enough with the details.


    • ugadawgguy



    • Cojones

      Heard he was going to corral the miscreants and whip them vigorously with a spaghetti-sauced noodle (to produce a red mark). Then he’s going to take them out to dinner. And you and I won’t know shit about it.


  7. Walt

    We need a set up where if our players get busted in a neighboring state they don’t get prosecuted.