Another day, another SEC East preview

I keep finding this pieces projecting the division’s 2016 to share, because each one helps paint a picture of what’s ahead… or at least what the pundit class thinks lies ahead.

I do like what the folks at Pick Six Previews have done here, though, because it’s nicely organized, with easy to read charts of five-year won/loss totals, 2015 stats (maybe the best part), projected starting lineups and, of course, the schedule.

A few items that caught my eye:

  • Tennessee’s 2015 stats are noteworthy, because with one exception, the Vols weren’t bad at anything.  Their polar opposite was South Carolina, which stunk at everything except turnover margin.  Gawd help Boom if regression to the mean rears its ugly head this season.
  • Missouri’s 2015 offense was almost unimaginably awful.  Florida’s, by comparison, was just imaginably bad.
  • We knew how crappy Georgia’s offense was on third down last year.  What’s amazing is that was the case for every team in the division except Tennessee.
  • Best recruiting in the division over the past five years?  Georgia’s.

If you’re looking for some subjective optimism, here you go:  “While Tennessee is getting all of the preseason accolades, Georgia is 1B, not a distant 2, to the Volunteers in the SEC East.  Look for the Bulldogs to compete for an SEC Title.”



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27 responses to “Another day, another SEC East preview

  1. ugadawgguy

    I’m afraid I can’t take Pick Six Previews entirely seriously — they make reference to a “playoff birth.”


  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but it’s clear Tenn is the favorite in the East. I think how the Vols handle the pressure will be one storyline to watch, but they have so much experienced talent (QB, RBs, OL, DL, LB, DB) that it seems hard to believe they’ll crumble under the weight of the pressure.


    • I agree, but they still haven’t shown they can beat either Florida or Alabama. Throw in road games at Georgia and Texas A&M over a 4 week span, and they will have earned it. I just don’t think the schedule is kind. I hope Sgt. Carter falls flat on his face.


    • FreeDawg10

      When I read the Tennessee hype based on last year and all the returning players for this year, for some reason I keep thinking about a team that started out #1 in the nation in 2008 based on returning players from a great 2007 team. Just saying…


      • That 2007 team finished #2 (or #3) in the final rankings and had a Sugar Bowl trophy on the mantle entering 2008. This Tennessee team isn’t even close to that.


        • A lot of the hype around Tenn has a link to the rest of its division. You can’t talk about Tenn and not talk about the SEC East being in a state of flux (putting it kindly).

          But think about this way, if UGA had a 3-year starter at QB, two JRs at RB, a stacked DL with Jrs and a senior led-LB and DB corps PLUS the other contenders were trotting out new coaches/starting QBs and such, UGA fans would expect to win 10+ at a minimum.


          • I totally agree (see my direct response to you). My only point was that the Georgia 2007 resume is unbelievably better than the Tennessee 2015 resume entering the following season.

            Yes, that 2008 team underachieved. Some of it was out of the program’s control (volume of injuries), but a lot of it was completely in the program’s control.


      • Will (The Other One)

        I think of a team that was preseason top 5 and had every single starter on it’s defense drafted (plus QB/RB/WR) with a coach who’d never won the SEC east before, and finished 8-4. Butch hasn’t said “I’ve waited 55 years to coach a team this good,” but…he’s never won the East, and it’s been almost a combined two decades since UT has beaten UF and Bama.


  3. JCDAWG83

    In ’13, ’14 and ’15 Georgia was everyone’s pick to win the East. We know how that went. I think I’ll wait until the viles play some games before I decide they are the East winner.


  4. charlottedawg

    If i had to pick the east winner today it would be Florida. They historically have a ridiculous winning % against eastern division teams going back to the spurrier days and until proven otherwise Tennessee has two automatic conference losses in Florida and Alabama. Throw in the fact that with the exception of tight end our entire offense is a question mark and Florida becomes the most likely winner by virtue of being the least ugly.


    • I think FLA wins the East if it beats Tenn early on, but I don’t think the Gators have enough on offense. I think come December Tenn will have won the East as I think it finally takes Florida down, but I also think UF will be second and UGA third in the division.


  5. This article seem closer to reality.


  6. rchris

    “Best recruiting in the division over the past five years? Georgia’s.” Best raw average, yes. But I notice that their weighted recruit average has us behind Florida. I presume that factors in retention, which we’ve sucked at. Almost half the 2013 class is gone due to one circumstance or another.


  7. Red Cup

    I believe the Vo\wels will break the FU streak but we are going to upset them and then Bama will finish them off to take them out of the running for the East title. Then they will have their usual finish against the sisters of the poor and talk about how great that are at the end…..when they go to the Outback bowl.


  8. Macallanlover

    Just added Pick Six Previews as a favorite in my CFB folder. Really like the concise, focused comments that seem to be balanced. Certainly don’t agree with all their predictions but they give good rationale for their picks and a quick way to preview matchups. The TN comments were over-the-top scary. Since they have no weaknesses 🙂 we will have to hope Sgt Carter blows it from the sideline. Thanks for the link to that site.


  9. CB

    “Given Richt’s pedigree with quarterbacks and his tremendous success with David Greene, Matthew Stafford, and Aaron Murray, I thought Georgia picked a bad time to fire him given Jacob Eason’s impending commitment.”

    Interesting quote from the article.


  10. Will Trane

    Think the schedule favors UF.
    UT had its best year last year. But 5-3 in conference. What does that say. Dawgs had that. Not sure they are there yet.
    Dawgs. The schedule in not kind to Coach Smart, coaches, and team. Three road games in first 4 games. Tall order for a team with a lot of holes and question marks, plus a new staff.
    Record will be important in those first four, but for me it will be how they look and improve. Look for 4-5 losses this year.
    UT’s Butch Jones could bear the October burden Mark Richt suffered under at times. October is a heavy push for the Vols. They will need their alleged talent and coaching to get their.


  11. GATA 72

    The Vols can’t beat both BAMA and then LSU/BAMA in the SECC. I’m good.


  12. MGW

    UT’s looking pretty good. Good as they could look at this point after the dumpster fire Kiffin left them with.


  13. Cojones

    Scour these guy’ pages and take a look at their accuracy ratings; not for Pick Six (who represent #1 followed by #2 Steele, #3 Lindys), but for #22.
    Cockles/Heart. Told you before that our picks in the pool surpass most of ESPN’s.

    These guys pretty much slim it down to those fan-worthy starters and besides missing all of the incoming greats like Mecole, Nauta, plus those we saw perform well in the Spring Game, they pretty much scoped it the way I see it.. We had more name-worthy lightening-like Run Back Specialists and Safeties they could have mentioned.

    I don’t know about yall, but when I get to thinking about it, a Jack Davis collage of this bunch would make me pretty happy.