“It’s not a gimmick; it won’t be a surprise.”

It’s official, then.  Georgia will be wearing black jerseys once a season.

McGarity said the Bulldogs already have the black tops in stock and plan to whip them out eventually. When they do, it will be determined by head coach Kirby Smart and it’s not going to be unexpected.

“Whenever the black jerseys are worn, people will know well in advance of it,” McGarity said…

“We already have them,” McGarity said. “It will be one game a year. It’s not that big a deal; it’s one of our team colors. But we still think our red jersey is one of the best in college football.”

That’s actually… sensible.  Black as a non-hyped change of pace is a good way to go.  Nicely played, fellas.



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50 responses to ““It’s not a gimmick; it won’t be a surprise.”

  1. Russ

    Well, as long as they’re not on my lawn…

    Seems okay to me, though I still prefer red tops, silver britches, red helmets.


    • I don’t think anyone is saying either/or. It’s both/and. Have to give the AD the tip of the cap on this. Kirby knows the players and recruits love the look. I never would want us to change over, but like LSU pulls out the purple top once a year at home, we’re doing the same with black.


  2. heyberto

    I like the plan. I like the black jerseys, and I know many don’t.. but this is a good compromise and way better than a crazy pro combat uni.


  3. MGW

    Its about time. The black jerseys were awesome.

    It was that attitude of, “Oh we wore them and we won! We’ll wear them again and win! We wore them again and we didn’t win, oh no! Lets never wear them again because we might lose!”

    They’re awesome, the team loves them, recruits love them. Fake juice in general was the problem, not the jerseys.


    • MGW

      Put another way, refusing to wear the black jerseys was playing not to lose. Playing not to lose is a good way to not win.

      Put the jerseys on, play to win. If you lose, hopefully you realize it was something other than the jersey or you’re going to probably lose more.


    • @gatriguy

      Being unprepared and mentally weak was the problem if we want to be honest b


  4. BulldogGemes

    McGarity makes a smart move! Kirby is even coaching McGarity up!


    • doofusdawg

      It’s amazing how much smarter adgm has gotten with the new head coach.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        I like the approach, but wtf is McGoofy announcing this change in jersey selection. Seems to me that any comment should be handled by the head football coach. Next thing we know he’ll be announcing the weekly injury report. The less you see and hear in the press from an AD, the better but especially this guy.


  5. DoubleDawg1318

    This is the ideal way to use the black ones! Finally good sense prevails at the AA! Now if we can only get the silver britches back!


  6. Will (The Other One)

    It’s also potentially a way to boost interest in an otherwise lackluster home game (which is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see them vs Nicholas St or UL-L.


  7. merk

    Not wearing the jersey because we lost once wearing them would be just as stupid as saying we won’t play a certain venue because we lost once at it.


  8. JCDAWG83

    I’d pick the tech game to wear them. It will be the last game of the season and we will either be fired up over a good season or looking for the tech win to salvage a mediocre season. Either way, it would pump up the crowd.

    FWIW; if it were up to me, I’d stick with red or white jerseys. I don’t care for the multiple uniform thing, it reminds me too much of South Carolina or Clemson.


  9. Dawg19

    Well, you have to admit…up to this point, Kirby has done quite well when Georgia wears the black jerseys…


  10. Steve

    I would prefer our LBs and S hit the opposing QB so hard it knocks the color off their jersey. And puts the ball on the ground and the QB in next Tuesday’s day dream.


  11. As long as the power ranger jerseys are never used again. And not just because we lost, but because they were ugly.


  12. stoopnagle

    We won’t wear them vs. UNC or UF because we’ll wear red versus their blues. Black will not, I don’t think, work for that.


    Black for Gustav’s or Fish Fry’s funeral.


  13. Dawg_Dave

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one surprised by the … sensibility.


  14. Otto

    I want to see the return of actual silver britches.


    • @gatriguy

      Supposedly Nike can’t get that sheen on the new fabrics.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Correct. Nike can make shiny pants, but not in the modern, more breathable fabrics. When the NFL switched to Nike, the Cowboys chose to stick w/ the shiny fabric.

        So, it’s a choice on our part. I’d like us to make a different choice and go w/ the other fabric. At the very least, I wish we would get some for the last half of the season when the weather cools.


  15. Derek

    I’ve always thought that they should make them earn wearing the black jerseys by beating UF in Jax. The first time they did it was under those circumstances and it worked great. Second time? Not so much.


    • hailtogeorgia

      So Richt ordered the jerseys during the offseason only to make the team ‘earn’ wearing them? I don’t think so.


  16. MDDawg

    I’d like the scheduling decision-makers to fix it so that we don’t play Auburn & Tech both at home or both away each year. Back when it alternated between the two (Auburn at home and Tech away, or vice versa), I would’ve loved to see us wear the black jerseys for the last home game of the season. I think it would add to each of those rivalries.


  17. lakedawg

    Auburn or Tennessee, will take all wagers for who thinks different.


  18. Mary Kate Danaher

    Whatever happened to the “black jerseys are nothing but fake juice” crowd?


  19. ZeroPointZero

    Ga-Fl game on Halloween. Black vs Orange. Some property damage that night.


  20. Cojones

    Here we are talking fashions while Alabama won’t let a graduate DB (Maurice Smith) transfer to UGA right now , today. Both he and his Momma want him to transfer in to play this year, right here, right now, but Saban is personally stopping the transfer and wouldn’t give an inch during today’s meeting between all concerned in Saban’s office according to Seth Emerson..

    Kirby needs to send the ‘Bama coach a tweet : Let My People Go!

    Where’s Paul Finebaum when you need him?


  21. Macallanlover

    Great decision to occasionally wear the black jerseys Kirby. Horrible to advance it, we don’t need to coordinate with the fans. Doing that is what led to the over reaction last time. Just wear them when you want, even the pathetic Falcons can figure that out. It isn’t a “black out” it is a primary school color.