Live, from Athens, Georgia… it’s Jim Chaney!

Jim Chaney wasn’t bland yesterday.  In fact, you kind of wonder why Smart keeps him away from the media.  He was quick with the quips.

Chaney isn’t much for extenuating circumstances like that Ramsey is on his third offensive coordinator in three seasons at Georgia. Chaney pointed out he’s been at three different schools in three years after coaching at Arkansas in 2013 and 2014, at Pittsburgh in 2015 and now Georgia.

“What’s the big deal?” he said. “Players play, coaches coach, administrators administrate. There is no overlap. Do your job, do it the best of your ability, learn, work your butt off, strive to be the best you can possibly can be and see where it goes. Does it harm him, knowing more football and different systems? I never got that feeling that’s a negative. I always felt like that’s better.”

Chaney’s hire was announced on the same day he first met Eason, who was on campus for a visit from his home of Washington state.

Chaney was freshly arrived from Pittsburgh.

“Flying down on the plane, I throw the Pitt shirt off and put the Georgia shirt on and be with him an hour later,” Chaney said.

And you get the impression that he’s genuinely open-minded about the state of the quarterback battle.

Added Chaney: “On any given day, I like one a little bit more than the other.”

He said later: “The competition’s hot, it’s alive. It’s very competitive and it’s fun watching.”

In Friday’s practice, Chaney said something got him upset that prompted him to tell the group: “Somebody needs to start emerging a little bit here, you know and showing a little bit more. As the volume comes in it gets a little bit tougher on someone. Some could handle a little more volume than others. That doesn’t necessarily make you the best player and one we’re going to choose, but at the end of the day every one of us is human beings. Like quarterbacks, we have fleas. We’re not all perfect so we’ve got to figure out what they do good, do it as best they can and work on their weaknesses and I feel comfortable they’re all doing that now.”

After watching yesterday’s practice, I get what he meant when he said,

“Here comes the cliche, gang,” he said. “Who can secure the ball, who throws it to our guys and not the opponent. Who shows that discipline to be able to make that decision like calling the downfield throw when it isn’t there to check it down, who can show the discipline to learn a new gameplan week to week.”

It’s Smart’s call ultimately with input from Chaney.

“It’s not always about the math,” Chaney said. “Sometimes it’s about a gut feeling on what you’re going to do.”

Everyone who’s ever trolled about G-Day QBR numbers just blanched a little.



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15 responses to “Live, from Athens, Georgia… it’s Jim Chaney!

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Gut feeling”? Well, they’re paid to make judgments.


  2. Noonan

    “but at the end of the day every one of us is human beings”

    Great grammar.


  3. tesslibrarian

    Please tell me he said that ” Like quarterbacks, we have flaws,” not “fleas.”

    If he thinks we all have fleas, and that our quarterbacks definitely do, the vet school needs to step up.


  4. Cojones

    Yeah, Senator, but where was the maddening crowd yesterday? Turns out that most fans like to be nearer heroes on G-Day, especially the wee ones.

    I’ll bet Smart continues to be in shock today with the low number that showed up. And I’ll also bet that his job pressure gauge was up.


    • Cojones

      This crowd demands to see QBRs. “polite applause” for Lambert when he had great passes? Ramsey left a sucking noise? Eason got applause when he completed a pass, but his QBR wasn’t much? wtf?

      Do you think maybe Chaney doesn’t want a QB leaving early with his pronouncements that they all are regarded equally? We wants to know while we are sober (not stoned).


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    “administrators administrate.” Apparently he hasn’t met McG yet, or he’d have said something like: “administrators f#*k things up.”


  6. Dee oellerich

    God what a bunch of commentators


  7. CaliDawg

    I found Chaney to be pretty insightful and fun. It’s rare to hear a coach who isn’t in permanent coach speak mode (as Mel Tucker seems to be).

    His bit about having special packages just for Sony (that he admitted he’s putting on hold given the injury) gets me excited. I think we have a really good duo in Chaney and Pittman. Hope we can keep them for a few seasons.