“This is Coach Saban’s defense.”

Saban let his coordinators speak to the press this weekend, too.  If you’re interested, Jeremy Pruitt had some things to say related to his time at Georgia:

— Pruitt said he learned more about being a man coaching at Georgia under Mark Richt.

But what about learning more about coaching being a man at Georgia?

— At Georgia, they had to make up for having young players on back end of defense. It was different from Alabama and Florida State.

Good thing he was better at that than Todd Grantham was.

— Facing Alabama’s offense last year at Georgia, Pruitt said he was impressed with the size of the Tide players.

Weren’t we all…


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17 responses to ““This is Coach Saban’s defense.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Impressed with the size of the Tide players.”
    Better living through chemistry.

  2. aladawg

    — Pruitt said he learned more about being a man coaching at Georgia under Mark Richt.
    We are going to wish there were more like him. I already am.

    I am still excited about our team and coaches going forward; don’t get me wrong on that! I’m just wishing the coaches game would stop being so slimy. (See Baylor, Booch, UF situ, Ole Miss, Jon Atkins etc., etc.

    • Macallanlover

      Joe Paterno, is he at the head of the etc. list? And is Corch included in the FU situation? So many candidates…..but not from Athens, thankfully.

      • aladawg

        Yes, Joe Pat and Corch for sure, but the jury is still out here………..see Julian R., our Alchoholic young d-lineman, etc (Those we are not yet aware of considering the new FOI laws)……………….

        • Julian R., our Alchoholic young d-lineman…

          Did something happen I wasn’t aware of, or did you confuse Rochester with Ledbetter?

          • aladawg

            I was referring to two open cases with two different players where I am waiting to see the result of final penalties to better assess how badly we want troubled players to be back in the lineup. Those were the first 2 “key examples” to me of how our coach will respond. Though he did not make the final disposition in the Alabama Atkins case, he had to have some involvement. For me these will give me some idea where he is heading on these issues.

  3. ugafidelis

    That line just sounds like a jab to me.

  4. Macallanlover

    Little off topic but I am feeling better about our defensive personnel after reading the write-ups on other sites this week. We have some talent spread through all layers of the defense and it seems that they came in ready and are playing/practicing with enthusiasm. First week of practice is a long way from Code Red game conditions but there may be more light at the end of the tunnel than I had previously thought. Should I move FG kicker to the top of the prayer list?

  5. Didn’t Pruitt have something to do with the size of our players? He recommended Hocke and wanted a defense that could run above all else.