Feeding the broadcast beast

Will the ACC go with an eight-game conference schedule, or a nine-game version?  One possible answer may surprise you a little…

… but the reason surely won’t.

Gotta have product, man.

Between the playoffs and the networks, it’s getting to be a tougher world for cupcakes.



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8 responses to “Feeding the broadcast beast

  1. I guess it’s probably not lost on anyone that playing a random P5 team will most likely raise every ACC strength of schedule over adding a ninth conference game.


  2. Otto

    The SEC should do the same 8 conf, 2 P5/BCS crasher games


  3. Big Shock

    8 conference games equals potentially fewer loses for conference members..more bowl eligible teams and more $$$. Same theory as the SEC.



    I like this idea better than more conference games myself. Georgia does this more than most any SEC team out there now.


  5. stoopnagle


    I like the ACC-SEC challenge idea. Although I’m sure a lot of those SEC West teams would be “meh”.

    Honestly, I’d like more inter-sectional match-ups, but what do I know.


  6. NCDawg

    I don’t like 9 conference games (unless it is true round robin like Big XII) because of the home away split – competitive disadvantage in certain years. 10 would be better.

    20 basketball games makes perfect sense, “product” or not. It’s a 15 team league. It isn’t like UNC and Duke are playing each other 12 times a year.

    We can’t live by scheduling rules from when leagues had 8 to 10 teams. If you have 14+ teams, you should play more games against each other…or by default, you are not a league.