Kirby Smart’s best friend this season?

If you want to know what Georgia has a chance in 2016, check out this interactive layout of strength of schedule, based on Brian Fremeau’s FEI ratings.  You may have trouble finding Georgia there, but it’s on the low end of the SEC.

Oh, and Gus had better hope he finds that rabbit’s foot.  Auburn’s SOS is almost literally off the chart.


UPDATE:  A look by conference…


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13 responses to “Kirby Smart’s best friend this season?

  1. I don’t think Gus is going to find that rabbit’s foot keychain to the Bus or the horseshoe that he lost. $Cam isn’t coming through the door of the Auburn football offices, and he used all of his freakishly lucky plays for a coach’s career on back to back weekends in November 2013.

    I imagine it’s going to be a long fall on the Plains.



    So basically our two Power 5 OOC teams do nothing for us. I say what’s the point?


    • Otto

      Playing a ACC division winner will generate some positive talk at the end of the year. In my opinion the overall schedule this year is the toughest since ’13. We’ll know how tough the schedule actually was this December. Ole Miss can be so up and down with injuries, it drags the strength of schedule down. Further most predictions seem to think the East will have 3 good but not great teams and 4 rather bad teams. I think Florida is underrated at the moment.

      The west coast USC likes to brag about P5 competition but they schedule teams like Syracuse which maybe lucky to make a bowl. It is all about the spin.


    • A10Penny

      I’ll start worrying about our non-conference schedule the day UGA wins the SEC but doesn’t get in the playoff


  3. easiest schedule in years (as evidenced by this chart),skill position players returning except Malcolm Mitchell and the second coming of Saban ……this has got to be the year year the line will be a sieve and the Chubbster should be gone.. We’ve got to win with this patsy schedule or wander in the Tennessee/Michigan dessert for years. A new coach having a learning curve is NOT an acceptable excuse. McGarity chose this rookie over an experienced coach he is therefore responsible for the results. I expect to win the East or or lose an AD…one or the other.


    • Red Cup

      Can we do both?


    • Uglydawg

      I’m not convinced Nick Chubb will be gone…but if he is, I’m praying that Holyfield will help ease the pain. I think KS is a great hire. The truth is, we don’t know and may not know for a good while…but so far, he has done nothing to make me think otherwise.


    • derek

      How does this chart prove the schedule is easier than last years? Why would the OL be a sieve? Why would we become Dooley’s UT if we dont win the east when UT is favored?


  4. WarD Eagle

    What is scary is that no matter how you change the selection of “Strength of schedule calculated as number of losses ..” from Elite to Average, Auburn doesn’t really move.

    So, even if they somehow turn out to be killer, it’s gonna be a tough season.


  5. 2018 will be the year.