Leaving it to the professionals

So, how tone deaf has Florida been handling the Title IX inquiry involving Gators receiver Antonio Callaway?  This tone deaf:

Florida athletics officials, including athletic director Jeremy Foley, were furious with their university-side counterparts Friday for the way they handled this situation. If not for this, the athletic department could have explained any outcome with this: The university has handled this from the start. Here are all the steps that were taken. This was all by the book.

Shades of We want to build a university our football team can be proud of. Too bad they can’t live up to that lofty standard.

Maybe Foley will testify at the civil trial.


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3 responses to “Leaving it to the professionals

  1. Spike

    Sir, raise your right hand.. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?…”


  2. The U of F motto: “If he can play, look the other way”. Of course, I’m not sure how that differs from the mottos at UT, Auburn, Bama and Ole Miss these days.


  3. Cojones

    Let’s see: Baylor looks askance concerning now-convicted rapists, LGBT community asks that BYU not become a part of the Smallish 12 by advocating; FU takes a page from their rival upstate for their foray into Title IX territory that begins by throwing the victim under the FU bus – literally. What to do?

    First, Baylor should permit dancing to release all that pent up sexual frustration.

    Second, BYU should permit sex with LGBT persons or at least invite them to the next heterosexual orgy prior to sending them out on missions where they may unintentionally run into that sort of thingy without prior warning.

    Third, FU should stop literally living up to their name.