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Silence doesn’t come cheaply.

I know that some of you questioned the size of the settlement the Sheely family reportedly received from the state of Maryland in light of the amount being pursued in their lawsuit.

Perhaps you should have waited until you heard the other shoe drop.

The NCAA and other co-defendants will pay $1.2 million to a foundation created for a Division III football player who died from a head injury, according to settlement terms released Monday.

Derek Sheely was a Frostburg State football player who collapsed during a 2011 practice after sustaining a head injury and later died. Two years later, his family sued the NCAA, two Frostburg State coaches, an athletic trainer and the helmet manufacturer. The family claimed the school employees missed multiple chances to treat Sheely’s injury and the NCAA had responsibility by failing to implement concussion protocol rules or investigating his death.

The case was scheduled for a five-week trial in June before a settlement was reached.

That’s a lot of money to keep Mark Emmert away from answering questions in a deposition.  But if you’re the NCAA’s attorneys, it was probably worth it.

Donald Remy thinks it’s all good.

“While the settlement acknowledges no admission of liability by the NCAA, the NCAA believes this settlement will help the foundation advance research and education in the prevention of traumatic brain injury,” NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy said in a statement. “As a leader in promoting enhanced safety in college sports, the NCAA is firmly committed to fostering greater understanding of student-athlete well-being.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night, bro.


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