The day the rabbit’s foot died.

Speaking of the departure of Gus’ good fortune, Bill Connelly nails it to the day — indeed, the moment.

On November 8, 2014, a week after pulling off a staggering escape at Ole Miss (the game in which the Rebels’ Laquon Treadwell injured his leg and fumbled just shy of the go-ahead touchdown), Auburn hosted Texas A&M, another suddenly flagging program. The Tigers were 24-point favorites, and even though they trailed 35-17 at halftime, it felt like only a matter of time until the inevitable comeback. They had won nine of 10 one-possession games under Malzahn. They would find a way.

Indeed, the score was just 41-38 in the final minute, and Auburn was driving. But a miscommunication between quarterback Nick Marshall and center Reese Dismukes resulted in an errant snap, and A&M recovered it to seal the upset.

Since that moment, they have lost six of nine one-possession games and are 8-10 overall. And two of their three close wins averted upsets; they played not to lose against Kentucky last year and just barely succeeded, and they needed overtime to take down FCS’ Jacksonville State.

And, yeah, to reiterate the message from my last post, that schedule is just brutal:  “If the Tigers are indeed the 24th-best team in the country, they will labor to find six wins.”

Um… good luck with that, Gus.


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6 responses to “The day the rabbit’s foot died.

  1. sliceshs

    I was at that A&M game…(long story as to why. )

    Couldn’t believe that Lucky Gus team kept making so many mistakes (another fumble stopped a drive cold, blocked field goal at end of first half that turned into touchdown for A&M).

    Loved that Georgia/Auburn game later that fall…it was so nice to curbstomp them after the miracle the year before


  2. Has anyone spent some time on Netflix and watched Last Chance U?

    If so, does anyone else believe it is a LOT of wishful thinking that John Franklin III is going to shake up the Plains like Cam Newton and Nick Marshall?


    • Red Cup

      The Franklin kid only shared the top spot at a community college. Don’t think he will win the Heisman either.


      • I tend to agree. Of course there could have been selective editing to improve the storyline of the highly talented transfer not playing in lieu of the overachiever but to hear many CFB pundits and Auburn fans tell it, they think JFIII will be the starter and a difference maker.

        Even the stats show that he did not play nearly as much as the other guy and when he did play his stats weren’t nearly as good.


    • Dawg Stephen

      Ive watched it.. I dont see that kid as gonna be the man.. AT ALL….