Chip Towers: “I’m not trying to be a Richt apologist.”

Hey, good luck with that, Chip.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand the Georgia fans — and I’m convinced it’s a vocal minority — who seem to pitch a little fit every time I or somebody else associated with covering the Bulldogs writes something about Mark Richt.

For some, you don’t have to try.  It’s simply assumed that’s the way it is because you’re not personally offended by the concept of Richt as head coach at Georgia over the past few years.

It’s funny, but I’ve noticed that attitude boldly ratchets up with pseudonymous Georgia fans on the Internet.  Courage!


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  1. It’s really easy to call a man who could probably kick your @$$ from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale if he wanted “bad rubbish” from behind an anonymous Twitter handle or an blog comment thread. Regarding Richt, I hope he finds more success in Coral Gables. He deserves a big thank you for what he did during his 15 years in the Classic City both on and off the field. I hope he comes back for a proper send off by the Bulldog Nation in a few years. Yes, I’ll be one of those who hopes Miami is successful while CMR is there.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      “Bad rubbish”!? WTF?

      • HS, read the article. Someone called him that in Twitter. He was probably not the sharpest tool in the shed.

        • Otto

          I will not give into the AJC the clickbait.

          I wish CMR well. However, I do not see why a UGA reporter, blog, site, etc should cover Miami football. I try not to comment on this but this article is seemingly addressing those of us who had rather read about Miami on sites that are not dedicated to UGA coverage.

          I will be pulling for GT against Miami as I pull for GT in every game other than when they play a SEC team. It helps our strength of schedule and is more fun to watch the crushed hopes when UGA wins. The ’09 game was fun.

          • I don’t pull for tech, period, except when they play Notre Dame.

            • PTC DAWG

              Like it or not, GT being better helps UGA…would like to hear CPJ opine on a victory over CMR and Miami…good stuff.

              • It may help UGA when tech is better. It doesn’t mean I want them to win a single game per year. The first UGA-tech game I went to was in ’84 when they beat us in Athens … I’ve hated them with every fiber of my being ever since.

                I’ll take the hit on our strength of schedule every year if they’re 0-11 (1-10 with ND on the schedule) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

                Hate tech early and often.

                • PTC DAWG

                  What did ND ever do to you? LOL…First UGA/GT game for me was early 70’s…

                  • ND-tOSU … the meteor game of the century for me.

                    • PTC DAWG

                      Life is too short to haul around a big bucket of hate for something you have zero control of.🙂

                    • Otto

                      Agreed on the meteor strike for any combination of ND/tOSU/USC (LA)/Texas, intense dislike is one of the things that makes CFB so fun.

                      I will say CPJ has had me pulling against them far more than any prior coach, and it isn’t because he was winning. He just says dumb things. So, he may say something and I reserve the option to flip to pulling against GT at any time. I was happy to see GT beat FSU, I wanted the ACC especially FSU out of the playoff picture.

          • CB

            On pulling for GT.

            • Otto

              Anyone that was at the ’09 game knows the jou of see the Nerds full of themselves just to see them get run over. ’15 while fun was no where near as enjoyable. I was at both. You have to give them hope to crush their feelings.

          • GATA 72

            Dido. Can’t believe Tower’s boss signed off on the per diem for this one…

          • stoopnagle

            No, thanks. To Hell with Tech All Day, Every Day.

            We’re in the SEC, we don’t really need their help except to get to 9IAR,B! Then cut them loose.

            Hate em early and often.

    • heyberto

      Well said!

    • Fat Elvis

      Very well said. Could not agree more! Mark Richt deserves nothing but our deepest appreciate and respect for what he did in Athens over those 15 years!

  2. Athens Dog

    I’ve always hated Miami. That won’t change whoever the coach is. (Although I hope they beat the nerds).

  3. 81Dog

    Cue the outraged excellence demanders. I guess it never occurred to any of them that one can wish CMR well, and acknowledge the good he did at UGA, and still fully support KS, and hope that he succeeds at UGA.

    • It’s occurred to them. They just dismiss the possibility of it being true.

      • It never ceases to amaze me that they act like you’re committing an act of treason by thinking it’s impossible to discuss the current state of the program without acknowledging that the last 15 years actually happened.

        • 81Dog

          It reminds me of the French Revolution. Maybe the Excellence Demanders will start dragging us off to the guillotine, or insist that we rename the days of the week to reflect their superior logic and insight.

          Consider me a counter revolutionary.

        • AusDawg85

          Well, to be fair, they only count the last 10 years…or 7…or 5…or 2…or certain games…whatever fits the agenda stat dujour to reinforce the point that Reverend Pooch Kick stole money from us in a conspiracy with Miami.

  4. Lrgk9

    Haven’t read anything by this McGarity numnuts in years.

  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Just another day for towers. Take any issue and blow it far out of proportion. And of course there has to be something, anything, negative about UGA. In this case it’s the fans. Really wish it was towers who was somewhere else. His spiel got old a long time ago.

  6. KornDawg

    I made the mistake of sticking up for Richt and his accomplishments in a facebook group (I know, I know, it’s facebook.) I was told that I was “content with mediocrity,” and that I wasn’t “a real fan.” There are some real idiots out there, but I’m with Chip in thinking it’s a vocal minority. It was actually said that Richt stole from UGA and then gave his ill-gotten gains to Miami when he donated to their IPF.
    I appreciate what the man did for UGA, we did better in his 15 years than the previous 15. I wish him well at UM. If that makes me less of a fan in some eyes, so be it.

  7. KershDawg

    Completely agree with the commenter on that article who suggested that it was Chip’s own paper who fueled so much of the negativity toward Coach Richt throughout his tenure. Seems like another of the AJC’s efforts to do nothing but stir a pot which doesn’t need any help with it.

  8. Breaking news: idiots found on internet.

    However, there is zero point in a “catching up with the last guy” article because that is nothing more than poking the hornet’s nest that had pretty much settled down after G-Day. I hope Richt does well enough. I have nothing personal against him. He was a fantastic ambassador for UGA, and his coaching record speaks for itself. I hope guys like Thomas Brown, et al, have successful careers wherever life takes them. I hope Bobo succeeds, too. I want UGA guys to succeed in all walks of life.

    But, the book is already closed. This is re-opening the book because you like a guy and you want to fly down to Miami on the company dime instead of covering the program your readers want to read about. And talking about a rabid UGA fan that buys a Miami jersey and hat when Richt was hired is the guy on the other end of the idiot spectrum. He is irrationally tied to his coach to the point he’d spend $75-100 on paraphernalia for a team he couldn’t identify with a Phil Steele, printed roster, and last season’s game tape. Idiots are idiots. Trying to say one group of idiots are bad because you prefer the other group of idiots is one way to earn a living, I suppose.

    • Windogger

      I put a Miami “U” on my car right next to my “G” the day after Mark Richt was hired there. It was on my car when I went to an event at President Morehead’s house back in January. McGarity was there too for whatever that’s worth. I am 50 years old and grew up sitting in the same seats that my 11 year old son now sits in, in Sanford Stadium. My family has had those seats since ’64 and I sat in them the first time in ’70. I love the Dawgs and hope Kirby Smart is the best coach has ever had, but I have tremendous respect for Coach Richt as both a coach and a man. He was a wonderful representative of UGA. I will pull for Miami every game they play unless and until they play UGA. If that makes me an idiot, then I guess I am an idiot.

      • Can you name three players on Miami’s roster without looking them up? I’ll give you one: Brad Kaaya.

        Putting a U on your car is your choice, I just wonder what you stand to gain from it. What pride do you have in Miami the university or football team?

        It doesn’t help that I have hated Miami for the past 25 years, in large part because I was a Florida State fan growing up. So, really, I’ve been a Mark Richt fan longer than just about anyone here because I was a huge supporter during his tenure in Tallahassee and was elated when UGA plucked him out from under Bobby’s thumb. I have tremendous respect for Mark Richt, the man. I think Mark Richt, the coach, did an excellent job, one of the best UGA has ever had. I hope he succeeds in his future endeavors and makes in-state recruiting hell for the Gators. But, supporting Miami because I like Richt as a person and am appreciative of the work he did at UGA is just bizarre to me. Coaches come and coaches go. It’s the nature of the business.

        If Miami returns to an elite level, do you not expect UGA to compete against them? I want Miami to be good enough to make life harder for Florida, but an elite Miami would pose just as serious a hurdle in recruiting to UGA as Alabama, Florida State, or Clemson being national title contenders.

  9. 86BONE

    Chip I too am a serious Bulldog fan and also a Varsity Letterman, who went out and purchased a Miami jersey and will be pulling very hard to see the Canes succeed under Richt’s tutelage! He gave a whole lot to my alma mater and we are forever indebted…

    • I’m curious, 86BONE.

      Why did you purchase a Miami jersey? Do you plan to wear it? How exactly does your owning a Miami jersey in any way benefit or honor Richt on a personal level? If your intent is to advertise Miami by wearing the jersey and financially support them by purchasing their officially licensed stuff, do you understand that your split loyalties are actually working against UGA in some small capacity? Have you considered planting a tree in Richt’s honor or naming a pet after him or even donating to charities that he supports as a method of honoring the man as opposed to buying the gear of his new team?

      TL;DR: Professed UGA fans that wear the gear of other teams that UGA competes with for recruits (and potentially on the field) are not as serious as they think they are.

      • WTF are you talking about? This is college football not quantum mechanics. See my post below for my reason for pulling for the U. It makes perfect sense to a real GA fan.

        • It makes perfect sense to a real GA fan.

          Perhaps this is the truth, and it is why I don’t get it. I root for other teams that aren’t Georgia, but I don’t own any of their merchandise.

          I know too many UGA fans that have become “protest” Miami fans almost as a knee-jerk middle-finger to McGarity. They know nothing of the team, except their most favoritest coach ever now works there. Are there any UGA fans that wanted a change at HC that are newly minted Miami fans (as in, bought a hat, jersey, what-have-you), or are Miami’s newest supporters solely from the ones upset over the coaching change? If Georgia Tech had hired Richt, would the reaction be the same? What about South Carolina? Clemson?

          Can you name two Miami players, Gurkha, since you’ve been a fan for 32 years?

          • I can name plenty of players but that doesn’t mean that I am or am not a fan. I can name plenty of Bama players but I am no fan of Bama. Watch the 1969 Sun Bowl and you will understand why I love the U for tearing the hearts out of Nebraska in the Orange Bowl.

          • DawgPhan

            Hey look everyone…guy on the internet has strong opinions about how and why you spend your time and money.

            imagine that.

      • 86BONE

        Go count more beans Trey and when you pull that lever for Clinton in November think about me casting a vote for Trump. No way on God’s green earth that you are a Republican UGA graduate! Are you a tech maggot trolling this site…just curious

        • I think my original hypothesis has been proven. I’ll show myself out.

          • 86BONE

            Please do….and take that silly ass picture with you!

          • 81Dog

            What took you so long?

            • I enjoy the Senator’s writing. And I mostly enjoy this community of commenters. I don’t understand the Miami love, but I would hate to discourage the new faithful Miami fans from reading a UGA blog. Click on an ad while you’re here so the Good Senator makes a penny off your visit. Maybe it will encourage him to just change the focus of the blog to Miami football.

              • 81Dog

                I regret that you have suffered from the fact that everyone here doesn’t agree with you in perfect lockstep. Perhaps the Senator will start posting trigger warnings so that delicate intellectuals like yourself will not suffer trauma to your obviously very delicate psyche.

                Or maybe you could just make peace with the fact that everyone doesn’t think like you, and quit being a pompous know-it-all, I don’t know. Thanks for the entertaining lesson in internet click finance, though. I’m almost certain you can count that post towards your MBA in being a parsimonious bean counting douchebag.

                Have a nice day!!!!😉

                • 86BONE

                  Hey 81Dog, I am rolling around laughing so very hard!!! Did you notice he took down his silly ass picture! WOOOOOOO!

                  • It was because I logged in on mobile, which doesn’t have the same Twitter verification system. The picture is Cartman from South Park where he played Dog the Bounty Hunter. It’s like a joke wrapped inside a pun. I am so glad I could amuse you today. You are a fine representative of UGA fans, and I applaud your astute observations. The UGA fanbase needs leaders like you, 86BONE, and I’m glad you are willing to be the hero we need even if we don’t deserve you.

                    • 86BONE

                      Nothing finer than pissing off a PeckerWood…..keep that silly ass picture around so we can all have a laugh thinking about you punching away at a calculator Trey, we have enjoyed toying with you today! I am sure you were never picked on the playground in grade school so I will leave you alone now……

    • anon

      I fail to see how my alma mater will be forever indebted to someone who was paid 30,40, 50 million dollars over the last 15 years…maybe he should be forever indebted to UGA (which he probably is because is a very decent person)?

  10. Wish CMR well, but Chip needs to get over it. Richt era is done. Very few care what happens in Miami unless they are playing UGA.

    Just let it go Chip and quit stirring the shit pot

    • Very few care what happens in Miami unless they are playing UGA.

      Judging simply by the commentary here, I would disagree with that.

      • PTC DAWG

        This board is well known by many to be the biggest CMR apologist board…or however you want to phrase it.

        • At least it’s known for something.

          And that doesn’t seem to impair your reading pleasure much. 🙂

          • PTC DAWG

            I like your board, the CMR love is a bit strange to me. But if we all agreed, it would be a very boring world.

            • Brandon

              Strange? So its strange to show love for the coach that brought your program the only 2 conference titles its seen in the last 35 years? For a coach that averaged 10 wins a year and while couldn’t quite get to that elite level, has done nothing but drastically improve the football program from top to bottom from where it was when he started here? All the people that act like he was just another scrub coach and couldn’t wait to get him out the door is what seems strange to me. While it may have been time for a change, ignoring what CMR did for the University of Georgia is nothing short of pure ignorance.

          • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

            This is my favorite board at Dawgbone. Mainly because they didn’t jump on the Fran bandwagon of dumping CMR each year. Without rehashing the arguments over the last few years, there are many, many UGA fans that believe CMR should have been retained. We aren’t just CMR fans. We are UGA fans that believe CMR was an excellent coach. I’ll pull for CKS to succeed because I’m a Dawg. Doesn’t mean I have to be content that the vocal minority won the war. The naysayers here have proven the first paragraph of this post to be true. Go Dawgs! I’ve never had a “second” team in college football. But I will pull for the ‘Canes as long as CMR is at the helm. I hope CPJ never beats him. I’ll add one more thing. I’m sure the same fans that cry about a resurgent Miami hurting UGA in recruiting sure were cheering Bama on in their recent Natty run. My hatred for Bama has risen to the level of Florida.

      • Old Chip just can seem to get over the man love for Richt. 2 articles in as many days for the Miami Constitution Journal.🙂

    • jntiii

      Very interested to see your polling data, Otis. I for one am very interested to hear how Richt is doing and will follow Miami closely because of it. So, mark me as one of the “very few”.

  11. DawgByte

    I read Chip’s article and found nothing objectionable or warranting sarcastic review. The reason for going to Miami, as stated in the article is benign and I’m also mystified as to why anyone would strenuously object to reading about how Mark Richt is doing at Miami. Hold that thought, a whole bunch of Georgia fans hated and still hate Vince Dooley (primarily because he’s Catholic), even though he won a National Championship. Reading some of the comments about Richt reminds me that the concept of unhinged Georgia fans is not new.

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      I’ve always believed that each fanbase has that 15% that is obnoxious, rude, low information, tradition ignorant, incoherent & loud. Except Alabama. Alabama has 15% normal & 85% of the above. Our 15% can’t appreciate any further discussion about CMR. They start convulsing. Foaming at the mouth. Most of them are probably closet Bama fans.

  12. I have been a U fan since the 1984 Orange Bowl, when as 17 point underdogs, they beat #1 Nebraska. I hate Nebraska with a passion because of the 1969 Sun Bowl. ( I hold a grudge a long time. ) I am fired up about Kirby and will be pulling for the U to return to glory under CMR.

  13. Russ

    BTW, I saw that Bill Dooley and Marion Campbell had passed away. Both were DGDs in my book and wanted to mention them here.

  14. Ben

    I’ll admit that I’m a Richt apologist, and I was really broken up when he was fired. I’m still bummed that he’s gone, but I’m looking forward to something new, too.

    All that said, I’m not sure why the AJC is doing character profiles on the coach at Miami, aside from trying to get clicks and ad revenue, of course.

  15. PTC DAWG

    I just don’t care. You will NOT find me festooning my vehicle or self with another school’s paraphernalia. And to hell with the AJC.

  16. “Chip Towers is a RICHT APOLOGIST”, LOL. End of discussion.

  17. 86BONE

    Senator….O/U @ 75 comments….what’s your record?

  18. down island way

    So the guy’s in south fl. to close the book…..seems as though he opened a few chapters and used his crayons. 3 of the last 6 articles by this pin head included the Miami HC…….if you’re going quote someone, then quote them…’s “good widdence to bad wubbish”. GO DAWGS

  19. TMC DAWG

    There is only 1 team and its UGA. To hell with the rest!

  20. stoopnagle

    I’ll be rooting for Coach Richt this year. In my estimation, he’s DGD.

  21. DawgPhan

    Always enjoyed watching Miami back in the day. Now that CMR is down there I will continue to enjoy cheering for them.

    Why wouldnt I want to opportunity to really cheer against tech twice a year instead of just once.

    Practice makes perfect.