When you’re a horn dog, it comes with the territory.

Bobby Petrino has to issue a statement after his Twitter account liked a tweet from an adult content providing site.


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  1. dawgtired

    Nothing to worry about here…we live in a country where the citizens are OK with the President getting blow jobs while on-the-job.

    • James Stephenson

      I am not one to defend Clinton, I did not vote for him either time, but I am pretty sure since the President’s job is a 24 a day thing, all Presidents have gotten BJs while on the job.

    • You’re right. We really should have more collective outrage about what consenting adults do behind closed doors.

      • sniffer

        …only if you lie about it, to the Feds.

        Let me add this query. Is it sexual harrassment if it’s behind closed doors? You know, when no one should care.

        • Both participants seem to believe the acts themselves were consensual.

          Maintaining that her affair with Clinton was one between two consenting adults, Lewinsky writes that it was the public humiliation she suffered in the wake of the scandal that permanently altered the direction of her life: “Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any ‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. . . . The Clinton administration, the special prosecutor’s minions, the political operatives on both sides of the aisle, and the media were able to brand me. And that brand stuck, in part because it was imbued with power.”

        • TO be clear – my point was not to argue in defense of Clinton in any way. He clearly has moral limitations. I just don’t give a shit what two CONSENTING adults choose to do behind closed doors and I think most Americans feel the same way.

          • sniffer

            I don’t either, Audit, but consentual doesn’t equate to acceptable (or legal). Petrino was within his rights to pursue a woman of legal age, but not to promote her outside of legal limits. So, my point is, whether we care or not doesn’t mean it’s off limits to commentary.

          • dawgtired

            To be clear – I agree with your view about consenting adults behind closed doors. I have no desire to control anyone’s life whether I agree with it or not. My point was that people in general could care less about the character of the people they put in the office that runs this country, let alone the character of a football coach…especially if he wins games.

            • My point was that people in general could care less about the character of the people they put in the office that runs this country, let alone the character of a football coach…especially if he wins games.

              I honestly appreciate the clarification and ,believe it or not, I do appreciate and understand this point of view.

              All that said – having come of age politically during the height of the Lewinsky scandal really left a sour taste in my mouth for the conservative movement in this country. I’m a little sensitive to the arguments of character and morality coming from that group when half the men that were attempting to impeach the President were carrying on affairs of their own at the same time. The whole situation should have been an issue between Bill and Hillary, but the House Republicans and Ken Starr decided to politicize it because they didn’t like Clinton and they knew it would get some votes with the social right. I’m not saying the other major political party is above such measures, but that’s when I came of age and that’s the everlasting impression that has stuck with me from the conservative movement in the US.

              • Cojones

                While agreeing somewhat with what you said, don’t think I’d use the words: …the Lewinsky scandal left a sour taste in my mouth…..”. Jus’ sayin’ 🙂

              • 81Dog

                you kind of skipped over the part where Clinton lied to the face of a federal judge during his deposition. Lying under oath is generally understood to be a crime, even by Yale Law School grads.

                had Clinton simply told the truth, he could have brazened it out. Instead, he chose to do what unscrupulous people always do first: lie his ass off. Once he got caught lying under oath, that was on him, not on anyone else. All the pious indignation about politics, consensual acts, blah blah blah skips right past the basic point: you swear an oath to tell the truth, especially as an Ivy League trained lawyer, you better expect consequences if you lie. He’s lucky all that happened was he got disbarred. Ask Pat Swindall, another politician who should have known better, what happens when you lie under oath.

            • sniffer

              people in general could care less about the character of the people they put in the office that runs this country, let alone the character of a football coach…

              They don’t care, as long as that person is of their own race, party or bias. But just ask them if they care about the character of the man/woman of the other race, party or bias. WooHoo, then you got a discussion!

          • Macallanlover

            Hate to spoils that logic but a person in power with ANY powerful corporation is fired immediately (and sued) for exactly the same thing with low level female employees, I think we can assume the Oval Office qualifies as a powerful position, and she was an intern. It is the women’s groups that support that party who feel so adamantly about it, but not a peep…not one. Then you add perjury, on video tape, with DNA backing it up as proof. The Executive Branch is in charged with enforcing the laws of the country, and our judicial system is based on truthful testimony under oath. I think this isn’t a “everyone’s doing it” situation so your comment is sad, and no, MOST Americans can distinguish between harmless fun and what the facts were. I don’t care about consenting adults’ sexual habits either, but you missed the much bigger picture here….deliberately I am sure. Laws aren’t effective when they are not enforced consistently, and causes lose their worthiness when they are negotiable for certain preferential people. That was a sell out, and still is, by all the women’s groups who seem to think this is/was important.

            • Cojones

              What? You expected a married man to tell his wife he had a blow job from another woman? Only if she was drying your hair.

              Yall skipped over the trophy-stained dress she kept uncleaned and how she bragged about it later to someone who made her recant (I think the recant-enticer was a holdover from the previous opposing administration) and that hired Ken Starr who………well, you see how this can go on and on. Let me know when you want the prelude to all of this that probably all started when Mayor Daley of Chicago brought in the swing vote for Kennedy and later how payback for that lying Nixon was brought to bear on an Arkansas Gov and his wife……..

              It’s all politics. Btw, a sincere blow job will make any man feel like President for the day.

  2. Bob

    “I was alerted this morning that there was inappropriate material on my official Twitter account,” Petrino said in the statement. “While the account is generally under my supervision, there are multiple people, and possibly an unauthorized user, who have access to my account. We’ve always taken the appropriate steps to make sure our official social media accounts are secure and we are taking measures to make sure this situation never happens again.”

    Hmmm. Not sure about Bill, but sure looks like the same defense Hillary used for her email fiascos. Obviously the concept of the “buck stopping here” is a relic of the past. 😉

    • Cojones

      .”…there was inappropriate material sitting on my Twitter…” can also be dissected to mean that a beaver was astride his computer. In fact, he’s probably a “Save the Forests” guy because he eats beaver.

  3. 86BONE

    Everyone is off point here….Bobby Petrino is a sho nuff scumbag! You can’t change the spots on a dog…

  4. Cojones

    “Sexually explicit material” can have a lot of meanings that can be innocent, but having it on an instrument owned by the state or University is his “crime”.
    I have overtly skipped the sexual sites invites forever on my computer, but once upon a time when I outed a “computer repair” outfit that wasn’t even in this country and were asking me for personal info, they quickly sent three photos of sexually explicit heterosexual acts before I signed away from them. After viewer erasure, my computer continued for months to send adult site invitations and I felt those photos could pop up at any time from the malicious bastards. Obviously, they had invaded my computer to get money one way or another.

    After retiring that computer, I’ve never had the problem since and that was about 10 yrs ago. However, it didn’t matter how innocent I was, no one would ever believe they got there on their own and without curiosity or invitation on my part to have them placed there.

    Hell, I only went to porno movies for the “Coming Attractions”.