The versatile Mr. Smith

For those of you wondering where Georgia’s newest defensive back might fit in, Seth Emerson spoke with a few Alabama beat writers about what Maurice Smith brings to the table.  I thought this part was of the most interest:

“… Forget about him missing the first week-and-a-half of fall camp. Smith is a smart kid and his experience and comfortability should make for an easy adaptation should he end up in Athens.

“Smith would have played much more last year had he not dealt with injuries. When he was sidelined, Smith lost his role in the defense to true freshman Ronnie Harrison. He couldn’t supplant Harrison after that. That decision was made by Mel Tucker and Smart, so that’s something to watch if he does indeed end up at Georgia.”

You’ve got a smart kid who knows the scheme at least as well as anyone else on Georgia’s roster.  That adds up to contributing this season to me.


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14 responses to “The versatile Mr. Smith

  1. Sounds like an extra DB coach. both in practice and in game.
    I bet there is some serious butthurt going on in Tuscaloosa county.


    • sniffer

      Privately, maybe. Publically, what you’ll get is, “we didn’t need him. We got plenty o talent. We’ll win without him.”

      They don’t, they do, and they will…


  2. Chris

    Smith will add experience and talent on the backend. I hope he has a big impact on our D. Allowing more man coverage so we can stuff the run.


  3. Macallanlover

    Have know idea whether he can star for us, or not, but I feel sure he can make more contributions to UGA. He already has us 1-0 against SEC competitors with two sacks (Little Nicky & Sankey) but you have to give an assist to his family who put a warm and fuzzy context on the absurd block attempt.


  4. ASEF

    His role as an unofficial “extra coach” is clearly a huge benefit in Year 1. And I’m wondering if Smart and Tucker have offered him a coaching path if the NFL thing does not work out. There’s nothing wrong with that if they did, by the way.

    That would make the most sense to me.


  5. If he starts, he’s supplanting someone who had and then lost a starting position in the secondary. Yet another disillusioned transfer candidate out of the secondary? Could get touchy.


    • Macallanlover

      Realize it comes from a different angle but it is still the team concept and how you win. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy at this level (unless the ones who deserve it are on the field.) If there are more who want to leave and pout because they think they are entitled, so be it. Happens on every team, at every level of competition above kiddie ball.


      • ASEF

        I don’t think a one-year guy is going to clog up the works from a depth chart perspective, but we’re a culture of “earn it,” especially in sports beyond the developmental stages (trophies-for-everyone up until 6th grade, then everything is about try-outs and winning games thereafter).

        If players sense Kirby and Mel are playing Maurice simply to honor a promise they made to him – if Maurice does not clearly beat out the players he’s playing ahead of – then that’s a huge mistake by Smart.

        But that’s also a highly conditional hypothetical.


        • Macallanlover

          I don’t think so either. I was replying to the comment that playing him could cause disunity in the locker room because someone else got bumped down. All part of the process, and happens in all sports.


  6. Walt

    “comfortability” – Irregardless of what one might think, this is a proactive word that, for all intensive purposes, can be used to conversate and should not be misunderestimated. Now that I’ve cleared that up, I think I’ll have an expresso.