They’re gettin’ the band back together.

Yeah, I think this qualifies as good news.

Can Ron Courson win the Briles Broyles Award?



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21 responses to “They’re gettin’ the band back together.

  1. Derek

    Now that is dawg porn! Still 3 full weeks to the opener. Bad news for the powder blues.

    If we get a Monday announcement that Eason will start I might start getting optimistic.


  2. heyberto

    I always thought that Sony’s injury wouldn’t keep him from playing.. just how much quality practice time he could log and keep up conditioning. I think the recovery time for his injury was six weeks, but it was his arm / wrist and I always thought he’d be able to play with a cast. Thomas Davis had some kind of break in his arm in his last playoff game before the super bowl. Two weeks later, he was on the field. Now, I’m quite sure a college sports program is going to be much more restrictive due to liability, but the point is.. six weeks vs. two.. similar injury. I bet Sony plays, and it doesn’t appear as if he’s missed much practice.


  3. Greg

    yEiGh!!!…..Now – start the QB that does the best in getting the ball to his playmakers.


    • Eason is still my choice. Opposing teams will need to be honest and have to worry about loading the box, LOL.


      • Greg

        Yeah, there are a few others in that camp – but for me, the one that makes the fewest mistakes, can get the ball to his playmakers, has the ability to read defenses & change plays at the LOS (if needed)…..and most importantly, the one that can lead. Eason has a great arm, but we will need all of the other things that go along with it.

        Not too many (if any) have started in the SEC as a true freshman that can do all of those things. He is gonna need time to develop if I had to guess.


        • Mayor

          We also need to take the long view on this. Bring on Eason slowly to maximize his effective transition to the SEC. If the OL is as bad as everybody is saying I sure don’t want the kid to be thrown to the wolves and get injured or become gun shy.


  4. Looks like at the very least we have supermen in our RB group.


  5. the dudes arms look HOOGE.


  6. ASEF

    Got a feeling we’ll see 3 running backs against North Carolina. And a lot of 9-men boxes.


    • Uglydawg

      Play fake to Chubb on the dive and hit a tight end over the middle..


      • Cojones

        Or don’t fake to Chubb. Both those plays should be our bread and butter this year. With no one daring to crowd the box, you got’em, no matter the team faced. If they do crowd the box, the long one can come from anywhere.


  7. Michael Ware

    Do you mean Broyles award, Senator?


  8. Athens Dog

    Wasn’t wrapped because he did not scrimmage. Patience.


  9. Cojones

    Did you get a load of that scar running from just below the wrist almost to the elbow. Looks like 8-9″ scar. Whoo boy, someone is going to have a problem with us when you have players this anxious to hit the field.


  10. Cojones

    We demand a QBR on the QBs. Now. Before you screw the data up, Senator. And don’t be fudging them upwards in Lambert’s favor.


  11. tludlam

    Is Sony left- or right-handed?