C’mon, Kirby.

How are we supposed to take a scrimmage without stats seriously, especially when Seth Emerson drops this on us?

  1. QUARTERBACK: When Smart said he wasn’t ready to cut this down to a two-man battle, we take him at his word, especially based on what those at the scrimmage saw. Brice Ramsey, widely thought to be third in the pecking order, had the best day. Not spectacular, we’re told, but good. Jacob Eason, on the other hand, didn’t have as good a day. At least a couple interceptions. If he had played like that on G-Day, there wouldn’t be the wide clamor for him to start the opener. Greyson Lambert didn’t get as many reps, from what we heard, but that may be because the coaches know what they have in him and want to see what Ramsey and Eason can do. So far, it seems, Ramsey is giving Smart and Jim Chaney something to think about, while Eason shows flashes of greatness, but also reminds you occasionally that he’s a freshman. Lambert continues to be the one who knows and runs the offense the best.

Dude, without QBR, it didn’t happen.


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8 responses to “C’mon, Kirby.

  1. Greg

    1) Lambert
    2) Ramsey
    3) Eason

    15 and 0 from where I am sitting, gonna have a bunch of “ugly wins”- much like ’80. Ball control, defense & special teams….will have a “3 headed monster” in Chubb, Michel and Holyfield. Woerner will be our secret weapon, gonna split him out & give people fits. Go play the odds now & bet the house.


  2. @gatriguy

    Could be nothing, but a lot of Ramsey love buzzing around the interwebs.


  3. Mr. T

    The College Football World would crumble at such an outcome. 😉


  4. CaliDawg

    I suppose I’m in the minority but I’m hoping Ramsey is our guy in the beginning, with Eason coming on later when he’s ready. There is a lot of buzz around Ramsey having a great fall camp (granted, that same buzz was there last season before Lambert took over). Maybe Chaney has helped the kid see the light.


  5. Macallanlover

    I never thought, or wanted, Eason to be the game 1 starter feeling it would mean the others really screwed up, or Kirby was letting some irrational fans influence the decision. The guy played in the state of Washington in HS and never took a snap under center, or had to check off. He is a great talent, with upside, and if it were a game of 7 on 7, he would be my choice. I do want him to get reps as the #2 every chance we have until we are eliminated from the East title.

    All things being close, I would prefer Ramsey as the starter as he seems to have the ability to stretch the field better than Lambert, and he looked more comfortable in the spring than he did under Schotty. If he is still too reckless with the ball, Lambert should get the start, imo. He is a lot better than perception around here, and with other UGA fans, so I am not sure I want to go through the whining and blasting of our QB, whomever it is. If he is the best choice from Cheney, I am fine with Lambert in the starting role. I do feel we should narrow it to two guys getting the majority of reps no later than next Saturday. I can also live with a decision coming after the first 2 games, but hope there is separation before then.


    • Uglydawg

      I appreciate your logic and arguments. I have leaned towards Ramsey since last year…always feeling that he just needed the right coach to build a fire under him. He has talent..and is mobile…When the defensive front collapses on a fake to Chubb, he can take it outside on a pass-run option. The duel threat QB is one more headache for a defensive coach to worry about with Chubb and Sony already in his head….I know the roll-out pass run option is a corner’s nightmare.. If he is coached right, BR can do some good things. Of course, it’s possible that he just can’t put it together, but I hope he can. Lambert is a statue and Eason is going to have to come along slowly. Having said all of this, I think Lambert will be much improved this year too.
      Whenever the coaches decide and run it by us at GTP, we will vote and let them know if it’s acceptable to this blog-base. I know they’ll be more than happy to get our collective, expert and wonderful insight. 🙂 so standby!


      • Macallanlover

        LOL, yeah, I am OK with Lambert as well if Ramsey is still having decision issues. Lambert may be a statue, but no more so than Kirby saw win multiple SEC titles at Bama. Improved line play, use of TEs, and a dangerous Chubb might bring about more SC like performances from Lambert. But I still want Eason to be in there when, and if, Atlanta is no longer an option for us in 2016.


  6. Spike

    Sam Vaughn threw at TD pass, too!