False bravado is false.

Hoo boy, Auburn.

… But that presentation does help explain what Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs meant when he said this to myself and Chris Carlin last week in an interview for a SiriusXM show: “There are 12 other programs [in the SEC] that would love to be in our position.”



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22 responses to “False bravado is false.

  1. hassan

    There may be 1-2 other programs, but not 12. Jacobs probably didn’t read the memo right on his talking points.


  2. 81Dog

    Math and reading are hard, Hassan. And, Jacobs DID go to Auburn, so he might not understand the difference between “12” and “1-2” Of course, that also would explain why he’d think everyone in the SEC would like to be them. Auburn is like the hefty girl who thinks she’s a 9.5; everyone who disagrees is a jealous hater who WISHES they could rock it like she does.

    Either way, bless his heart. He thought Jeremy Johnson was going to win the Heisman last year about this time, too, didn’t he?


  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Jay Jacobs can crow all he wants…all I know is that the good guys are ahead in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry for the first time since 1988.


  4. I particularly enjoyed this statement:

    “We’re giving him everything he needs to get it done. There are no barriers here. Whatever he thinks he needs to recruit the best, train the best, hire the best coaches, facilities, nutrition, sports psychology, weight room, academics—whatever it is. We’ll provide what he needs to have a successful program.”

    It’s all about the STUDENT athlete.


    • Derek

      “cash, strippers, drugs …you know whatever. At auburn we’re all in, 24/7.”

      If Gus is the coach at auburn next year I’ll be shocked. In fact I’d be surprised if he makes it to December. I’m sticking with my prediction: Jeremy Pruitt is the new HC and he brings in Rush Propst to OC.


      • Gaskilldawg

        I am putting my money on Art Briles being the Auburn HC in 2017.


        • ElectroM

          Auburn and Art Briles are made for each other. I really like Pruitt and hope he holds out for a job better than the revolving door job at Auburn. Of course, Pruitt left FSU after 1 year and UGA after 2 years. If he leaves Alabama after 1 year, maybe he will fit in at Auburn. I don’t think he had much choice about leaving UGA, although I really don’t know what happened there. If someone really knows, I would appreciate it if they would tell me.


        • Derek

          Not enough recruiting connections.


      • Mad Mike

        Geez, then AU would stand for A**hole University. Well, even more so than now that is.


      • sniffer

        Two words. Petrino, Bobby


      • I didn’t even think about that. good call.

        I found it laughable that with folks being concerned about the student athlete, the last thing he mentioned was academics – after listing numerous things that would improve their football playing abilities.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    This is music to our ears, as AU is clearly delusional and thus most likely won’t improve anytime soon. I’d be more concerned if the AD was like, “hey, we realize we need drastic improvement with our ptogram, and the buck stops with me to get that done.”

    That would tell me they recognize the program and are taking steps to correct it. But alas, they are doing the whole ostrich in the sand thing.


  6. Russ

    I think Gus is doing a great job and should be given plenty of rope, er…time.

    That said, Briles at Auburn makes too much sense. They both have the same moral code.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Next-to-last in baseball. Next-to-last in basketball. Last in football.

    Their position is the fetal position.


  8. Macallanlover

    What else can he say? He is responsible for Malzahn and will live or die with him. The fans are unhappy with several sports and football is the primary one, so if they struggle again this fall, why shouldn’t he get the axe? Their two primary rivals are dominating them in football and they look to be 5th at best in their division. Might as well take the high road, but it does sound like he is making a case for the insanity defense.


    • Macallanlover

      Wanted to add, Clemson -7 against Auburn is the highest confidence bet I see on the opening weekend. I think they get crushed and am already betting heavily on it.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Correct my math if I’m wrong, but which program does he think wouldn’t love to be in Auburn’s position?