Monday morning buffet

More for the chafing dishes…


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9 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. 81Dog

    Tim Kaine accused of pandering to Midwestern voters????? Say it ain’t so. Next thing you know, Hillary will be accused of talking out of both sides of her mouth. It’s so unfair!

    • Not to interrupt a perfectly fine political rant, but wasn’t Tim Kaine raised in the Kansas City area and didn’t he graduate from Mizzou? Methinks he might have a slightly different perspective on the Border War than simple pandering.

      • 81Dog

        Right. He couldn’t POSSIBLY be injecting himself into that discussion simply to draw attention to himself among potential voters, could he? I mean, how cynical would you have to be to think that’s possible, given his long, demonstrated history of deep interest in both Missouri and Kansas football?

        • Oh, I have no doubts this is an act of pandering for votes (duh, political alert). However – his history to the area and sporting a degree from one of the schools in question would suggest that, at a minimum, his own personal interests overlap with whatever campaigning he’s working on. The fact that you came to your conclusion as an absolute truth says more about your own cynicism than what the actual facts warrant.

          Honestly – the most despicable thing I find in all this is that he graduated from Mizzou and claims to root for Kansas basketball. That’s like somebody graduating from UGA and rooting for Florida basketball.

          • 81Dog

            Or Tech basketball.

            Never got the whole “I root for Tech when we don’t play them” philosophy. “But, it makes UGA look better when we beat them!” Who cares? We’re good, we’re not good, do I really want to have to depend on Tech looking good in other games to sell that point? No. I do not.

            I predict all Kaine does is annoy the crap out of a lot of sports fans in both states. If this is an intro to his diplomatic skills, consider me less than impressed.

  2. Bill C. is really high on Tennessee and his inputs valued last season pretty highly despite the blown leads. They are certainly talented enough to live up to the expectations that are being deservedly bestowed on them this pre-season, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is a Jim Donnan “I’ve been waiting 55 years to coach this team” moment. There’s nothing that Butch Jones has done other than recruiting well that has shown me he’s a high-level coach in this league. Plenty of coaches have come through this league that have been great recruiters, but had no results to show for it (Ed Oregeron / Ron Zook / Ray Goff come to mind).

    • Mayor

      ^^This. Sgt. Carter is an empty suit who just yells a lot. I actually think the Vols may not get to go to a bowl.

  3. AusDawg85

    10 – 2 but ranked 19th suggests 2 losses in the SECe and not being “dominant”, injury free, “mistake free”, “focused”, etc. etc. as traits some folks were looking for under the new regime. The Georgia Way?

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Politics aside, I’ve got to agree with Kaine about preferring historic rivals or at least regional rivals. Not sure I’ll ever get used to Mizzou being in the sec, particularly the east division. On a yearly basis they SHOULD be playing teams like kansas and/or KSU instead of UGA, scu and fu.