No hard feelings, Maurice.

Tide Nation reacts to Smith’s departure.


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13 responses to “No hard feelings, Maurice.

  1. Cojones

    Those readers are definitely more ignorant than those at gtp.


  2. hassan

    Wow. Hell hath no fury like Phillis from Mulga scorned.


  3. MGW

    The winning comment so far:

    Victory80 5 minutes ago

    Well, it’s different. Coaching changes are rare. Without restrictions, players will be switching teams in groves

    RTR !!!


  4. Rusty

    Neil is a Trump True Believer. Guaranteed.


    • SemperFiDawg

      I’m not sure which is a more ignorant comment, the one’s by the gumps or this one. And I’m NOT a Trump supporter, but it’s good to see you pick an “easy” (read “lazy” analogy).


    • Walt

      Neil sure as hell sounds like Trump.


  5. greg63

    guarantee you that these same people have no issue at all with CNS processing a player to make room for a better one.


  6. Some fan bases by virtue of winning championships have become ENTITLED for everything to go their way.


  7. Walt

    I like the comment by the guy who calls himself Just the Facts – “What with paying players now what else can the Liberals do to the game next. Liberals do not like football and they would much rather change it to FLAG FOOTBALL, so the Professional Politicians and non-athlete bloggers can understand the rules.”

    Must be very comforting to know the root of all problems in your world.


  8. Nashville West

    Funny how the tide faithful have no problem with ACCEPTING transfer players from other SEC programs…