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Thanks, Title IX.

The officer who serves as the liaison between the Knoxville Police Department and the University of Tennessee is out of a job.


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Do we live in a perfect world?

Asking for a friend.


UPDATE:  Kirby splits a few hairs in the same interview.

Smart also didn’t provide any major clues during the segment, though he did downplay incumbent starter Greyson Lambert’s experience. That happened when Shapiro pointed out that Lambert had started a lot of games.

“Yes, for (Brian) Schottenheimer, and for the guy at Virginia,” Smart interjected.

So does he have better command of how to run an offense, Shapiro asked?

“I think he has a better command of how to run a offense. But I don’t know about this offense. It’s new to both of them,” Smart said, meaning Lambert and junior Brice Ramsey. “He’s a senior. He’s been around the game. He’s been a lot of places, he’s played in a lot of systems. So obviously mentally he’s going to be ahead of some of the other games because of the experience he has.”



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Maybe Hutson Mason has a point.

Two years ago, Hutson Mason was entering his first and only full year as Georgia’s starting quarterback. As the new captain of the offense, Mason’s head was swimming was information he had to process and act on, whether it was at practice, team meetings, or before the snap in a real game.

But Mason had some valuable help: David Andrews, a senior center and third-year starter.

“He had seen everything in the book,” Mason recalled this week. “He had seen every blitz we could possibly see. Every stunt. Every twist. That was really awesome for me.”

“You’ve got to have a guy whose intelligence, and has football smarts,” said Mason, who is now working at Georgia State as a quality-control staffer. “Ben Jones was the same way. If you ask David, having that guy ahead of him to pass the torch to him, really helped.”

“I can’t speak for the complexity of coach (Jim) Chaney’s gameplans on a week to week basis, but I’m sure if Jacob Eason ends up starting he’s going to have a lot on his plate,” Mason said. “A lot of nerves. I’m sure the coaches are going to try to simplify things and take things off is plate, let him rely on his talent, try not to think too much. ..

“I’m sure the coaches have looked at that, and said: Especially if we’re going to have a young guy at quarterback, how great it is to have Kublanow there to help.”

As Seth Emerson notes, Georgia tended to have happier times with experienced centers, which certainly wasn’t the case last season.  Perhaps this is why:

When Mason was Georgia’s quarterback, then-offensive coordinator Mike Bobo had a complex offense and put a lot on centers and quarterbacks to make checks at the lines and read the blitzes. And it required the quarterback to be on the same page as his offensive line, especially the center.

The unanswered question, of course, is how much of how disjointed Georgia’s 2015 offense looked can be laid at the feet of a new center and how much can be attributed to the way the scheme around him was implemented.  I have no idea as to either, but perhaps we’ll get some idea as this season unfolds.


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Good thing Florida is playing its usual tough opener…

Jim McElwain has suspended two key players immediately from practice and team activities.

The Florida coach announced Wednesday that All-American cornerback Jalen Tabor and tight end C’yontai Lewis will not play in the season opener on Sept. 3 against UMass.

“Both C’yontai and Jalen will not be involved with the team or practice due to behavior that is not acceptable,” McElwain said. “By no means are these bad guys and yet consequences have been handed down. We will not look the other way when it comes to breaking of team policies.

“I want to echo what I said earlier, these are both fine young men who will learn and be stronger from their actions. They will also be suspended for the first game. There are life lessons in everything we do. We will be better because of it and no one person is bigger than the Florida Gators.”

Man, that’s gonna shave at least a couple of points off the spread, right?

Speaking of no one person being bigger than the Florida Gators, would this be the appropriate time to mention that this isn’t Tabor’s first suspension rodeo?


UPDATE:  At least it’s for something different.


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Got Dawg porn?

Maybe a little…

And I don’t know if I’d consider this porn, but here’s a bonus observation from Mansell this morning.


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If you want to know why your “how does Notre Dame get away with” complaints are ignored…

… here’s Exhibit “A”.

As long as the consumer demand is there, they’ll bend the rules for the Irish.  Haven’t I taught you anything about how money talks college football’s language?


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Sometimes, old habits die hard.

And sometimes they just die.

It had been a staple of most Georgia football team preseasons. They’d come to the locker room expecting to hold another practice, only to be given a treat: A day of swimming and diving.

“We’re going to the Ramsey!” players would yell, meaning UGA’s Ramsey Aquatic Center. Loud shouting and stomping would ensue, then players would head over to watch teammates – and Mark Richt – dive off the high board, and horse around in the water.

Alas – or perhaps not alas, depending on your outlook – that tradition isn’t continuing into the Kirby Smart era.

Smart said the preseason Ramsey trip was “not in the plans” after Tuesday’s practice, which was No. 15 out of 29 this preseason.

“Our guys understand that we’ve got work to do,” Smart said. “We’ve got a certain amount of time to get it in in that amount of time. Not to mention, I have no idea when I’ll lose a practice to rain, so the minute I do that (go to the Ramsey) I could lose two. And I’ve got to keep that in my back pocket.”

Honestly, who can fault the first-time head coach for worrying about that?  Although I bet somebody brings it back up after the IPF is operational.


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Name that caption, hiding his allegiance edition

Did you know David Pollack went to Georgia?  I thought you did.



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Okay, but can he play “Sandstorm”?

Promises, promises.


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Always be ‘crootin’.

I’ll say this for Kirby Smart — he never quits looking for ways to bring more bodies into the program.

After stints with both Alabama and Western Kentucky’s football programs, Parker McLeod became a regular student at Georgia.

But when head coach Kirby Smart arrived at Georgia and ultimately realized the Bulldogs needed to add a quarterback to the roster, McLeod agreed to come on board at Smart’s request and added himself to the position group. The former Walton quarterback, who initially signed with Alabama as a three-star recruit in 2013, is now with the Bulldogs and helping out with added reps in practice.

“We didn’t think we had enough quarterbacks, didn’t have enough arm talent,” Smart said. “We knew he was here and was a student for over a year now. I had a relationship with him from Alabama, I knew his dad, Bob (McLeod). I’ve known him for a long time. We gave him an opportunity to come out and compete and he helped us out to throw the ball around. He’s done that so far, he’s got a good arm.”

Again, it’s not like I don’t recognize the odds for any individual walk-on to become a major contributor are daunting.  But the more you bring in, the better those odds get that at least one breaks through.  In any event, it’s a creative way to adjust to the 2013 class largely getting blown to the winds.


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