Always be ‘crootin’.

I’ll say this for Kirby Smart — he never quits looking for ways to bring more bodies into the program.

After stints with both Alabama and Western Kentucky’s football programs, Parker McLeod became a regular student at Georgia.

But when head coach Kirby Smart arrived at Georgia and ultimately realized the Bulldogs needed to add a quarterback to the roster, McLeod agreed to come on board at Smart’s request and added himself to the position group. The former Walton quarterback, who initially signed with Alabama as a three-star recruit in 2013, is now with the Bulldogs and helping out with added reps in practice.

“We didn’t think we had enough quarterbacks, didn’t have enough arm talent,” Smart said. “We knew he was here and was a student for over a year now. I had a relationship with him from Alabama, I knew his dad, Bob (McLeod). I’ve known him for a long time. We gave him an opportunity to come out and compete and he helped us out to throw the ball around. He’s done that so far, he’s got a good arm.”

Again, it’s not like I don’t recognize the odds for any individual walk-on to become a major contributor are daunting.  But the more you bring in, the better those odds get that at least one breaks through.  In any event, it’s a creative way to adjust to the 2013 class largely getting blown to the winds.



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11 responses to “Always be ‘crootin’.

  1. In right, you're wrong

    Richt and Schotty asked him to come out last year. He didn’t want to. He came this year because he missed football.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Do you know what it takes to sell matt drills and 2 a days to 17 year old kids….brass balls.


  3. 92 grad

    Everything you state in your commentary is absolutely spot on. In my brief time as an adjunct prof. In music it was always prudent to have open doors and encourage anyone to come inside and participate. 17-19 year old people can do amazing things and you never know when the proverbial light will come on. Anyone under 30 really does have unlimited potential, too many just don’t have the opportunity.


  4. diving duck

    You may have mentioned it but did you notice Maurice Smith is now our highest rated recruit from the 2013 class?


    • 1smartdude

      He’s also most likely the only player with a National Championship ring in the last 30 some odd years…. Both are pretty telling.


      • Normaltown Mike

        he’s the first one that I can recall that letter in football at Alabama.

        What the hell have we been doing over the past 30 years!


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Looking forward to seeing how well he performs against that Florida defense.



  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Is he a PWO or just helping out to “through the ball around”. That’s a much different commitment than memorizing the playbook, hours of film study, work outs, practices, etc.

    And I have it on good authority CMR wanted him for punt safe, not as a QB;)


  7. lakedawg

    One walkon QB left the program and another walks on, makes sense and there is another one there also.


  8. Parker will be an interesting one to follow. I live near Walton HS and was excited when he signed with Bama. Hopefully he’ll get to contribute some this year.