Name that caption, hiding his allegiance edition

Did you know David Pollack went to Georgia?  I thought you did.



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26 responses to “Name that caption, hiding his allegiance edition

  1. 81Dog

    Who? Did any of his childhood friends also go to UGA????

  2. heyberto

    Lol.. Pollack gets blasted from all sides. He’s a Georgia homer from those that oppose us.. many UGA fans think he’s not loyal enough… make me think this is some quality trolling on the part of Davey. Love it.

    • 81Dog

      I love DP without reservation. He’s basically the same guy on ESPN he was when he was at UGA. I don’t require him to be a UGA homer as an analyst, and his insight as a former All American is certainly more valuable, however blunt, than almost any of the folks who want to carp about him.

  3. Got Cowdog

    I loved watching that guy play. Not many had a motor like that. There was a clip of the strip- interception-touchdown on one of these posts not too long ago. It’s worth watching again.

  4. Jared S.

    He still looks svelt. Crazy that at his age he’d probably still win the starting job this year at UGA. Hahaha.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    I certainly hope some of the… less savvy… Georgia fans who don’t understand how a job in the media works will see this picture and realize that David Pollack still loves UGA. Sometimes when you’re being paid to be an impartial analyst, you have to take off your red and black colored glasses and tell it like it is (or at least, how you really perceive it to be). Pollack is often critical of his alma mater, but he still loves it. Which makes him pretty much just like everyone that posts here, come to think of it.

    • Cojones

      True. I feel slightly sad when he gives his assessment of the Dawgs when they aren’t the most beautiful flower in the bouquet and when he picks someone else to beat us, but whatcha’ gonna’ do with all that honesty? .

    • Uglydawg

      Yes. Often times I’ve wondered where Lou Holtz coached.

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    In a radio interview early this year DP said his contract with espn was up. So has he landed on his feet anywhere?

  7. JakeScott


  8. CB

    It’s not that he’s critical of Georgia, it’s just that he’s not a very good broadcaster often either fumbles over his words or says something douchey. He’ll probably figure it out eventually, much like Desmond Howard who used to be terrible, but is now at least serviceable.If you have the pedigree they’ll get you there. DGD though, probably the best defensive player we’ve ever had.

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Can I assume this was sarcasm?

      • 81Dog

        what are your other choices???😉

      • CB

        All dead serious. What came off as sarcasm?

        • RandallPinkFloyd

          That you stated that he wasn’t a good broadcaster when he is and that he hasn’t ‘figured it out’. I guess you don’t realize how quickly he has come up through the ranks, or how often ESPN likes to get him in front of the camera, or all the promotions he has received to stay at ESPN.

          The dude kills it on camera. He’s smooth and can talk football with the best of them. Where have you been?

          • CB

            He’s a good looking dude with a name and a football pedigree like many other mediocre ESPN analysts that receive promotions from ESPN. Tim Tebow is also bad on camera, but will go as far as he wants in college football broadcasting if he chooses to after this baseball stunt. You asked where I’ve been, I’ve been working in sports broadcasting off and on for about 7 years. Where have you been?

            • RandallPinkFloyd

              To compare him to Desmond or Tebow is a joke. I get it, ESPN has some bad personalities on staff. Tebow was awful, James just liked the sound of his own voice. I just don’t get the Pollack hatred. He was great on radio and seems to be universally liked outside of the redneck portion of UGA fans that don’t realize he’s paid to be honest.