Sometimes, old habits die hard.

And sometimes they just die.

It had been a staple of most Georgia football team preseasons. They’d come to the locker room expecting to hold another practice, only to be given a treat: A day of swimming and diving.

“We’re going to the Ramsey!” players would yell, meaning UGA’s Ramsey Aquatic Center. Loud shouting and stomping would ensue, then players would head over to watch teammates – and Mark Richt – dive off the high board, and horse around in the water.

Alas – or perhaps not alas, depending on your outlook – that tradition isn’t continuing into the Kirby Smart era.

Smart said the preseason Ramsey trip was “not in the plans” after Tuesday’s practice, which was No. 15 out of 29 this preseason.

“Our guys understand that we’ve got work to do,” Smart said. “We’ve got a certain amount of time to get it in in that amount of time. Not to mention, I have no idea when I’ll lose a practice to rain, so the minute I do that (go to the Ramsey) I could lose two. And I’ve got to keep that in my back pocket.”

Honestly, who can fault the first-time head coach for worrying about that?  Although I bet somebody brings it back up after the IPF is operational.


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21 responses to “Sometimes, old habits die hard.

  1. Jt (the other one)

    Music to my ears. If there was on criticism I had of CMR was this. In days past when the NCAA didn’t regulate practice time etc…ok. Now that we are very limited in time to practice meet etc…on top of it weather concerns this time of year…well you “get the picture”.


  2. Spike

    Lighten up Francis..


  3. DawgPhan

    It didnt bother me to do it and it doesnt bother me to not do it. It wasnt Smart’s tradition so I get why he would stop it.


    • Exactly. Kirby is his own guy and deserves the right to run the program as he sees fit. The 2 hours spent at the Ramsey Center didn’t cause the team to lose the last 2 years to UF.


      • Jared S.

        Agreed. One lost practice-per-fall-camp wasn’t the reason why we often lost our biggest games over the last 8-10 years.


    • heyberto

      Yeah, I figured this was done when CMR left.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Also, it looks like the new tradition is “take the freshman by his lake house before practice starts” which isn’t bad once it gets to the point where he’s recruited everyone.


  4. David

    If you haven’t actually watched the press conference you need to. Kirby’s reaction is priceless! You have to see it to appreciate it.


  5. 69Dawg

    Let’s tell it like it is Kirby would never make the dive. Hell I know I wouldn’t so why even go there. Kirby wins again.


    • Cojones

      Reading down the comments, I was ready to post the same sentiment, 69. Why is it that the old farts can see more clearly and state reality (plus some made up shit)?


    • lakedawg

      Something bout short people afraid of high diving boards.


  6. Lrgk9

    Kirby took ’em to the lake, before practices started…


  7. AusDawg85

    Junction, Texas comes to Athens.