Jim Chaney is my new coaching hero.

If there’s one coaching philosophy I appreciate more than “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, it’s “keep it simple, stupid”.  And this may be the best distillation of KISS I’ve ever seen.

“I tell the kids all the time, at quarterback, your job is one job: You’ve got to get the ball and deliver it to the playmakers, either hand it to them or throw it to them,” Chaney said. “That’s it. Don’t overthink this thing. Don’t think you have got to do something outside of the system or you’ve got to do all that craziness. Just do your job and do it the best you can daily.”

Hell, after you read that, you can start to believe that going with Lambert or Ramsey might actually work.


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  1. Juan

    Except for the fact that Lambert, when capable of successfully connecting with a playmaker, gets the ball to our WRs a second late preventing them from actually making plays after the catch. I hope Chaney has helped him tremendously with his reads and quickened his decision making.


    • Nathan Peterman had one of the worst starting performances by an SEC quarterback I’ve ever seen. Except for that fact, it’s no big deal that Chaney turned him into a functional quarterback last season, I suppose.

      Really, in your world, do mediocre players ever respond to better coaching?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    But we’re going to keep all the guys on the sideline signaling in plays, right?


  3. Willie

    Pump the breaks on thinking that Lambert can work…….. He’s a lost cause regardless of coaching.


    • And yet by all accounts, he’s still solidly in the mix to play.


      • Atticus

        He is a senior and yet has still been holding the ball way too long in practice. Eason will be going on 3 straight days taking snaps with the 1s. Only reason he won’t start is if he isnt quite ready. CHubb being healthy plays into the mix. Yes Lambert can improve, hee is no doubt but there is also no doubt that he isn’t a front line SEC QB (same with Mason) and so something will happen. Either Ramsey improves as well and he has more talent than Lambert and they let him go game 1, or its Eason and let the chips fall with his learning curve.


      • Willie

        That’s what scares me…… Hopefully, it’s just “coach talk.”


      • Olddawg 55

        Senator, it still amazes me that some commentors, sitting at home daily, not observing the coaching, the film study oo the reps players are taking and being critiqued on, can make judgmental comments like Willie! All coaches will weigh all the factors they’ve observed and make the call for the betterment of the team. And, yes, coaching can make a profound difference!


  4. DawgByte

    I wouldn’t get all giddy about Chaney until you see how he calls a few games.


  5. Charles

    Beautiful simplicity, but I’d add the chorus from The Gambler for the complete picture of effective play.


  6. Tommy

    I read that, and arrive at the same conclusion about Eason, who happens to be taking reps with the 1s this week.

    I feel like we’ve got the running game to set him up with some low-risk play action throws, and he’s a credible enough running threat that Chaney can roll him out on bootlegs to give him some 1:1 looks as well. All of that plus TEs and I think there’s a way you can play a talented true freshman, and limit the picks to 2 or less per game.

    What Eason has that the others don’t … well, it’s a long list, but ball placement, quick release and field vision are some strong assets to work with if you can simplify everything else around him, which seems to be Chaney’s M.O.


  7. Have we heard from Mr. Trevor yet? His potential OC is not only a genius but a hero now.


  8. Dave

    Beyond evident that Lambert is not one to carry a team to a championship. That being said, he did have the single most efficient QB performance in terms of completion percentage in the history of division I/FBS. People say, “Yeah, against a crappy team.” Better QB’s have gone against far worse defenses thousands and thousands of times over the last century. Nobody did it better.

    So, the point is that, under a simpler, more efficient system than Schittenheimer’s, it is conceivable that he can at least not be a hindrance to the offense, even if he’s not a catalyst, which is what Chaney and, I assume, Bluto is saying here.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Hell, it’s quite possible a new staff figures a better way to get consistency from him. But I don’t think anyone’s predicting a turnaround like, say, Trevone Boykin had when he changed OCs.


  9. wet willie

    I believe a steady error free performance from our QB will be the recipe for success, and Lambert is that man. I don’t agree with or understand all the complaints about his performance last year.


  10. Hooper

    That philosophy is all well and good until you lose a game….or 3….