Nick Saban and “immediate self-gratification”

You may have heard that another highly-rated defensive back just left the Alabama program.

Redshirt freshman cornerback Kendall Sheffield is transferring from Alabama.

Sheffield, a five-star prospect in the class of 2015, became a topic of conversation early in the week after he did not attend Crimson Tide practices Monday and Tuesday.

A Sheffield family member told ESPN that Sheffield was informed on Wednesday by Alabama football coach Nick Saban that he would receive his release from the school. The release has the stipulation that Sheffield cannot transfer to another SEC school.

Sheffield, the nation’s No. 3-ranked cornerback in 2015, has returned to his family home in the Houston area. He was running second team at cornerback prior to his decision to transfer.

Naturally, this has generated a great deal of introspection amongst the Tide faithful about what Saban might have done to lead to the rash of departures… okay, I keed, I keed.  Over at Roll Bama Roll, the lede is “Another CB prospect from Texas sulks over the depth chart.”

Meanwhile, Michael Casagrande has a piece that claims to make sense about the kids leaving the program.  And surprise — it’s not you, Nick, it’s those damned youngsters.

What’s behind that? Each transfer is unique while still fitting into a shifting culture among athletes one year after leaving high school. Barton Simmons, the director of scouting at 247Sports, said the proliferation of transfers among players while in high school is a factor.

“It becomes much more less taboo, much more of a standard operating procedure,” Simmons said. “I think that’s been a steady evolution towards this. But I think that’s just a challenge that a school like Alabama has to face on an annual basis due to the fact that they recruit at such a high level.”

Yeah, cry me a river… except Saban’s been recruiting at the same high level for years, but it’s 2016 that’s off the chart in the departures department, as even Casagrande acknowledges:

A total of 26 Alabama signees from the classes of 2010-16 have transferred before exhausting their eligibility. The 2015 class’s five departures already equals the 2013 group’s total three years later.[Emphasis added.]

The funny thing here is the dog that’s not barking.  Nobody’s mentioned the change at defensive coordinator.  Think Jeremy Pruitt might have had an effect here?  If you’re not sure, you might want to check out Georgia’s 2013 recruiting class, peeps.  The man has a way with kids he didn’t recruit.  He’ll also do just fine with the kids he does pull in.  It was, um… gratifying to watch him work the recruiting trail hard while he was in Athens.


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16 responses to “Nick Saban and “immediate self-gratification”

  1. ugafidelis

    I was thinking Pruitt myself.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Damn, even the Diet Coke bottle knows better English than “much more less…” To bad the ‘Bamers don’t.


  3. If I remember correctly and I am almost never wrong 😉 I believe that UGA had number of DB’s leave after Jeremy Pruitt took over as DC and DB coach.


    • Jared S.

      I think the Senator alluded to that:

      “…you might want to check out Georgia’s 2013 recruiting class, peeps. The man has a way with kids he didn’t recruit.”


  4. DawgPhan

    It almost like Pruitt is an insufferable dick and no one can stand to be around him.


  5. Uglydawg

    I’d give a hundred dollars to hear the kid start demanding that he be allowed to transfer to Georgia. 🙂 That just might send Nick over the side.


    • Cousin Eddie

      JC this yr and UGA next yr. ?

      But wold be funny if he started making public request to go to an SEC school. Saban would explode.


  6. SouthernYank

    Different D Coordinator surely has something to do with it, but so does choosing a school that’s stacked with 4 and 5 Stars. It always blows my mind that these kids automatically think they’re going to be the man when they get to campus. How about looking at a school’s depth chart, and who is in their current class. Such review may lead these geniuses to pick a team that is not as stacked, so they see the field.


  7. Georgia almost lost their entire coaching staff in 2015 (exaggerating the situation) with a hothead in the coaching staff not controlled by the loving heart of a HC, just saying, LOL. But hey, the defense did well except stopping the run, TN, FL and UA.


  8. Macallanlover

    I think it was just a matter of time before Bama began to see defections from players who want to strut their stuff and not ride the pine. We all wondered how they did it with loaded recruiting classes year after year. Looks like the floodgates might open a little as this trend build steam. I think they have just been lucky with this for the past 5-6 years, but all teams face this, nothing for Bama to be angry about. But it might be the beginning of the end for Little Nicky, he doesn’t take rejection kindly. Different world, with different values, no surprise really.


  9. Been waiting for your thoughts on this. Given that its been largely defensive players leaving, Pruitt had been my suspected culprit. Seems that I recall UGA having similar issues when Pruitt was hired on as defensive coordinator.

    Methinks I see a trend.