“Administrative error”? Oops!

Ole Miss has lost one of its top running backs for the season.

Ole Miss Rebels running back Jordan Wilkins has been declared academically ineligible for the 2016 season, the school announced Thursday morning.

Wilkins, a redshirt junior, rushed for 379 yards and four touchdowns last season. He was expected to be a “co-starter” this season.

According to the news release, Wilkins failed to meet the NCAA standards for progress toward a degree.

“An appeal was filed with the NCAA for Jordan’s reinstatement based on an administrative error but was denied this week,” the school’s release said.

It wasn’t grades that did Wilkins in.  Apparently the school gave him incorrect information about how many hours he needed to remain eligible. Well played, fellas.


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36 responses to ““Administrative error”? Oops!

  1. WarD Eagle

    There is an entire staff that reviews your schedule and grades. No way that’s what happened.

  2. Walt

    Didn’t something like that happen to Paul Oliver?

  3. Tatum

    When attempting to reach the bare minimum you leave no margin for error.

  4. Paulwesterdawg

    Tech used that excuse with Joe Hamilton. It’s bullshit.

  5. stoopnagle

    How do you not know how many hours you have?

    • When you don’t give a rats arse about academics and you are leaving it up to school admins to tell you the minimum you need to do to get by.

    • Gravidy

      It’s easy when you’re much more worried about how many carries, yards, and touchdowns you have. A person can only keep up with so many details in life.

  6. Willie

    Surely this won’t be used against the rebel black bears on the recruiting trail will it???

  7. truck

    In related news, the Ole Miss Athletic Department posts a job opening for an academic advisor.

  8. ASEF

    This is why I never trusted my academic advisors in college and double checked everything. I never had to deal with NCAA rules, though.

    Love the article. Hell of a writing sample.

    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      Good move. Most college catalogs contain a statement that the student, not the college, is ultimately responsible for knowing the requirements for the degree and for selecting the courses to make academic progress. Of course, you have to read the catalog to know that.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Math is difficult at Ole Miss. Who knew?

  9. FlorineseExpert

    Maybe it’s bullshit. Or maybe . . . maybe there’s a sophomore athletics intern, dirty, wide-eyed, and bloody, his Ole Miss polo torn and one shoe missing, somewhere deep in Holly Springs National Forest, sobbing as the baying of hounds grow louder in his ears and the wild orbits of flashlights play across the trees in front of him.

    And somewhere not far behind him, Hugh Freeze stands on the crest of a hill, the barrel of a shotgun resting in the crook of his left arm, a broad-brimmed hat pulled low over his eyes. He hears the hounds, too, and smiles.

    Justice. Justice will be served tonight in Oxford.

  10. Mad Mike

    Sounds like they need Brittany from “Last Chance U”

  11. JCDAWG83

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often at more schools.

  12. ElectroM

    “An appeal was filed with the NCAA for Jordan’s reinstatement based on an administrative error but was denied this week,” the school’s release said.

    This is what having a reputation for cheating, cutting corners and lying gets you. Not even the NCAA is buying Ole Miss’s bullshit anymore.

  13. My freshman year, I had dropped a class and finished the year at 27 hours. I didn’t realize this made me ineligible to continue receiving a scholarship (my error). I was told I could make up those hours in the fall and have my eligibility reinstated for the spring. I took 19 hours that fall to get back on schedule (while working 10-15 hours since no scholly money) only to be told that they no longer reinstated people and I was given out-dated information and it was just tough shit. College is all about learning things, and the lesson I learned is to not trust anything people tell you. I bet Mr. Wilkins has learned that same lesson. (I’m not still bitter or anything all these years later…)

    • DawgPhan

      I am still bitter about a geology with lab that I took my senior year because I was told I needed it.

      then on the day after drop/add I had my final session with the advisor and she was like why are you taking this geology class….because you told me I had to.

      I was in terry. All my classes were in the same 2 rooms all day. in the middle of those classes I had to truck over to the geology building and back.

      Every step reminding me to not trust anyone.

  14. South FL Dawg

    Do they not use computers at Ole Miss? Something is missing from this story. We’ve just seen with Lochtegate how stories get twisted.

  15. Adviser to athlete, “Just win dude”. NCAA, “Not so fast baby”. LOL.

  16. Ricky McDurden

    And amidst all the fist shaking and hand wringing that Ole Miss fans are doing, has anyone stopped to consider that having less than 60% of your degree done after 3 years is pretty damn hard to do? The student has to be culpable in this (after all, it is his degree that he’s seeking). In 6 semesters + 3 Summers as an athlete, you’re liable to take about 99 hours (12 hrs in season, 15 out of season, 6 over the Summer). You only need 72 hours to be 60% complete with a 120 hour degree. So, that means the advisor in question/Ole Miss compliance officials and coaches did not have Wilkins take ANY summer courses and only complete 12 hours a semester (regardless of being in season or not) and the student withdrew from and/or failed a class or two along the way.

    The interesting counterpoint to all of this is UNC’s assertion that the NCAA needs to keep its nose out of Academics. Wonder if we could have yet another storm a brewing…

    • ASEF

      UNCs position is that the NCAA by design doesn’t tell universities that this course or that course meets accreditation standards. That, by design, is SACS issue.

      If the NCAA were rescinding Wilkins’s eligibility because they decided a course he passed wasn’t legit, yes, Ole Miss would be saying, “Wait a minute…”

  17. Bulldog Joe

    If the NCAA wasn’t already digging around campus, this would have been ‘handled’ internally.

  18. In the article, the author states “But allegedly, due to a lack of competence by an advisor he may have came up short of the required hours.” Hmm. Did he have a degree from Ole Miss? Grammar – a lost art.

  19. Cousin Eddie

    So did they not save when entering fake classes and grades? My bad this wasn’t at unc. Well I wouldn’t put it past “Honest Hugh”

    • ASEF

      There were no fake classes or grades at UNC. The courses didn’t meet accreditation standards, but there was never any evidence that students did not write the 20+ page paper the courses required.

      Students thought the courses were legit. It was a ckister%-$#, no doubt, and a complete embarrassment, but it wasn’t a situation where students were getting credit for no work.

  20. AusDawg85

    Inhaling weed through a gas mask can lead to missing classes. Just saying.