Room with a view

Nick Saban has time for this shit:

Across the street from the Alabama practice fields are several apartment complexes, the upper units with porches high enough to provide a good view of the practice fields. Alabama has an agreement with one of the complexes that they will write into people’s leases that they not stand outside and watch football practice.

That would be a fun eviction hearing to watch.




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27 responses to “Room with a view

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I’m sure the apartment managers in question will be reducing rent since their tenants won’t be able to use their balconies during the fall and won’t be able to take advantage of what is ostensibly the coolest feature of their homes.

    Of course they won’t, what was I thinking?


  2. heyberto

    What about sitting, on the balcony?


  3. DawgPhan

    What about just installing a camera and just live stream it non-stop.

    Hell you could probably sell subscriptions and pay for your rent.

    It’s what I would do. But it’s Bama and they do what they want.


  4. Bill Belichick

    What about setting up an HD camera in one of the windows and videotaping every practice? Is that cool? Asking for a friend…


  5. The Coke bottle spied for Saban.


  6. That’s ridiculous. Some 19-year-old college kid takes notes on Alabama’s football practice and posts them for all to see. I’m sure the Mad Hatter and others would find those notes to be the difference between winning and losing.


  7. The Truth

    What about some fan from another team with money to blow buying that apt building and telling Saban to stick it. Fill it up with folks with nothing better to do than watch Bama’s practice. If the wishes of Nick Saban now outweigh private property rights, then we are in the shitter.


  8. Ricky McDurden

    Doesn’t Bama have an IPF? If privacy is a concern… go inside.


  9. paul

    I can’t imagine how that could be legally enforceable even if people are dumb enough to sign it.


  10. A10Penny

    That is serious attention to detail.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    I see a multi-million dollar practice field video board in Bama’s future.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Paranoid a little? Drones must really set Nick off like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo!


  13. Uglydawg

    I’d stand a manaquin out there with an LSU shirt on it….holding a pair of binoculars and a camera….Then let Saban get all the way to court before I let him in on the joke.
    I wonder what he does when an airplane flys over practice…wouldn’t you love to park a blimp over the field the week before the LSU game?


  14. South FL Dawg

    Also the Blimp had to agree not to fly within a mile of the area. Don’t you know nobody has anything better to do than watch football drills?


  15. JCDAWG83

    Unless the apartments are owned by the university or the football program is paying the owner of the complex, why would the complex owner agree to that restriction? How will the restriction be enforced? Will the football program pay someone to watch the balconies and blow a whistle to stop practice if they see someone? Will the complex management send a security guard to the unit to stop people from being on the balcony they rent? I’d tell the football program to build a wall or screen if they were so worried about the balcony views.


  16. AusDawg85

    Saban wouldn’t go to court to enforce this. He would just drop a dime to the Dixie Mafia to handle it. #missingJustified