Can Jacob Eason win with one arm?

Casey Clausen is curious to know.


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10 responses to “Can Jacob Eason win with one arm?

  1. Cojones

    What, pray tell, would he be doing with the other arm?

    Of course, if he used one arm, the C would have to turn around and hand him the ball. That would be off-sides movement ? Ok, the C jumps straight ahead and lets Eason reach down and pick the ball up and then – WHOA!! Then there is the problem in the huddle when he puts his one arm around only the guy on the right – wait! – all of them can hug using only their right arms in the huddle and that would work out fine.


  2. Wow ,Casey Clausen sounding reasonable….( in the second hyper-link) I don’t know what to make of this( cats living with dogs and that whole scenerio). He says in retrospect he would have benefited from a red-shirt year. I’d be willing to bet that there is not one person in Eason’s circle of friends,confidants and coaches that are even willing to utter those words to him. Clausen is not wrong…their personal journeys are very comparable. I don’t know what this kid is going to think or do when he gets hit by a 320lb tackle. I know we won’t know until it happens but I hope Kirby doesn’t play him until he is both physically and mentally ready. A 3 star grad student ,a 4 star red-shirt junior versus a 5 star true freshman this is a hard choice and I suppose is why Kirby gets the big bucks. Clausen’s statement that he had a great tailback and two great receivers to chose between makes me nervous. We know we have the backfield but do we have receivers you can just see a one on one situation throw it up and trust they win the battle for the ball. I don’t know that we have many receivers that fit that bill. I want A.J. Green back before we start running the jump ball offense again


  3. Big Shock

    I’m more curious if Sony can win with one arm.

    Clausen made an excellent football villan. College football’s version of Drago.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Off subject a bit, but under CMR Eason might be looking at a redshirt year. I suppose there may be another exception, but the only QB I recall who CMR didn’t redshirt was Stafford.


    • Mayor

      Murray was red-shirted because of injury. Otherwise it is likely that Murray would have ben the QB in 2009 as a true freshman.


    • Also, if not for the effect of 9/11 on the schedule, DJ Shockley was going to play against Houston. I think he got hurt in practice a week later and then sat.

      Also, Hutson Mason played as a true freshman …

      I think Richt would have redshirted Eason only if he knew he had a proven QB ready to take every snap.