Random notes from a wet scrimmage

Just a few odds and ends to pick at:

  • They changed officiating crews yesterday, and Nick Chubb got his ass tackled to the ground, much to the pleasure of his head coach. “He’s doing a good job. Nick’s a workhorse,” Smart said. “He works hard at it. It was wet out there. It’s tough to have a lot of speed and burst in that environment but a lot of times it’s not the fastest guy. It’s the guy who can stay on balance and body control.”
  • Not so much for Sony Michel:  “It’s a situation that’s in the medical hands,” Smart said. “There probably is a date where we would say `Hey, we need to know something by,’ but it’s not like Sony hasn’t played football. The biggest thing for him is going to be ball-security.”
  • Elijah Holyfield joined the ranks of the wounded, damn it.
  • Roquan Smith is making a move. You’ll have to pardon me if I feel a little giddy about the prospect of playing an ILB who’s not a liability in pass coverage.
  • Giddy is not how I feel about the state of the place kicking team.


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21 responses to “Random notes from a wet scrimmage

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    What, no QBR details? How will we know the starter at QB;-)

  2. Macallanlover

    Messy scrimmage conditions, so considering what was at stake with QBs and place kicking. Heard the offense was much improved (so now we have to worry again about the defense) and neither Ramsey or Eason had an y picks. Apparently Herrien had a big day which compensate for Holyfield’s ankle sprain, which seems to be the everyday variety and not the dreaded high ankle sprain that could take months to heal. Likely he will be available for UNC but will miss some practice time. Given Athens’ weather this past week, we are due a few good days, damn Dooley/Evans/McFrugal for that missing IPF, they have delayed the process.

    • You forgot to add the name Adams in there. That was the number one reason for no IPF.

      • Macallanlover

        True, to a degree, I just leave the accountability with the department head. Part of his expertise is the effectiveness to find a way to get the necessary funding/personnel to succeed at his job in every way. Had any of them been committed, the pressure needed could have been applied andwould have moved the greedy Adams. imo.

        • Bright Idea

          If you think Jesus could have talked Adams into an IPF short of putting his name on it you’re kidding yourself. That and maybe a kickback from the architect and construction company.

        • RugbyDawg79

          Adams will forever be known by UGA Ruggers as the one who stole our field – the one given to UGARFC by Fred Davidson.

          • Macallanlover

            I am not defending Adams now, or forever, but he was a greedy attention whore who would have bent to the pressure of big boosters. A skilled AD would be able to bring that pressure from the heavy hitters if they used the football program as leverage. That is the type of leadership needed, not waiting until we are the last program in the league to get off their butts. Adams might be slimy, but he didn’t have the gonads to stand in front of that train coming down the tracks.

    • Calidawg

      Good intel. God I hope you’re right about Holyfield.

      I think “the plan” isn’t too different from what many have predicted – to start Lambert/Ramsey (I’m rooting for the latter) with a plan to include Eason in every game until he’s ready to takeover.

  3. Uglydawg

    I think we’re being told that Sony is a “go”…if ball security is his biggest issue.


    Are our kickers that bad?

    • AusDawg85

      Could be the snapper and/or placeholders vs. the kickers.

    • Macallanlover

      It wasn’t just a drizzle, it was a torrential downpour at times. As stated, it involves snap, hands to catch, good placement, secure plant foot, and making clean contact with a wet ball. Always an issue, plus the pressure that a decision is imminent for those guys. Not excusing, but just not the best time for final exams of kickers or QBs. Place kicking remains at the top of my concern list, we aren’t horrible like FU was but having a reliable kicker can really alter decisions for Cheney and Smart if we don’t get it fixed soon. Seems a missed FG has played a role in many of our toughest losses over the past 5-6 years, and been a contributing factor in our best years. Just don’t like the way this is setting up in mid-August.

  5. DawgPhan

    I feel like the updates on the LBs and the secondary all sound pretty positive. There was some solid talent listed in the secondary and some that wasnt, but you expect to be solid like Davis and Sanders.

  6. dawgtired

    Apparently ALL of our running backs are doing well running the ball, when they’re not hurt. So, should we celebrate that our OL is awesome or worry that our DL needs help? I can’t wait to play someone besides ourselves.

  7. hailtogeorgia

    This may have been touched on somewhere, but do we start implementing a gameplan for UNC this week or next week? Obviously during the season most gameplans are one week implementation processes, and I recall during the past there being mixed messages as far as how bye weeks were handled (with some using the bye as a general practice week and others using it as an additional week to prepare for the upcoming opponent). Any insight as far as Kirby’s approach?

    • I think he said we would start installing the game plan 2 weeks in advance at his pre-camp press conference. Listen to Nick’s next presser for that question, and you’ll have your answer.

  8. Bulldog Joe

    Happy to see us get some work in the rain, especially special teams.

    Kirby got a first hand view of how bad we were in it last year.

    • engrdawg

      I agree and jokingly wonder if controlled weather conditions, such as a torrential downpour, could be added as a feature in the IPF. The irony of going inside to practice in the rain is funny to me.

  9. Jared S.

    So it’s going to be Chubb, Douglas and maybe some Crowder on Sept. 3rd?

  10. CB

    As long as Chubb has a couple of experienced guys to give him a spell from time to time I don’t think there is much cause for concern assuming he is at least 80% of the player he was pre-injury (which is still Derrick Henry level from where I sit).