It’s a Southern thing, but they want you to understand.

Presbyterian College in South Carolina is offering “Religion of SEC Football” as a class for university credit.

“Woo Pig Sooie!? Roll Tide!? Go Cocks!? What is it about college football that turns otherwise sane people into raving lunatics? Why is it that each fall millions of people schedule their lives around SEC football, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for RV’s and tailgating for days prior to a game? Why do fans often hate another school — such as the ‘Bama fan who poisoned 130-year old trees at Auburn? This class will attempt to answer these sorts of questions by exploring the ‘religion’ of Southeastern Conference football and how each of us fit into that faith.”

Somehow, I don’t think an hour a week is enough time to explain Harvey Updyke.  Also, do you get extra credit for attending an SEC game?



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  1. Silver Britches

    There’s no apostrophe in “RVs,” but it’s not like this is a college or anything.


    • mwo

      My niece is an English professor there. She is a flaming liberal booger eating commie pinko so I immediately texted her to point out the grammatical error.


  2. 81Dog

    If you’re from the South, no explanation of college football in the South is necessary by the time you get to college. If you aren’t from the South, no explanation of college football in the South is possible by the time you get to college.

    I’m sure all the snowflakes at PC don’t need to waste any time on mundane stuff like, say, English, history, the sciences, math……By all means, let’s charge them, and give them actual credit for, a class which probably has about the same amount of information one could absorb by watching ESPN Game Day from any SEC venue. What a scam.


    • Uglydawg

      Good grief 81…lighten up a little. Have you forgotten some of the courses UGA has offered over the years? College should be a rounded experience and not just serious drudgery continuously. Presby is trying to educate students that weren’t fortunate enough to have been born and raised in The Promised Land, to the superior ways and traditions of it.
      As Grizzard said..”it’s more than football. It’s our way of life against their way of life”..or something like that. 🙂 🙂


      • 81Dog

        The gap between being well rounded and blowing your time on what could be a decent offering as an “Evening at Emory” two hour seminar is pretty far. I’m all for being well rounded, and having fun in college. I just think the actual classes should have some modest practical application, especially at a place like Presbyterian, where someone is probably shelling out north of 20 grand a semester. Of course, what you blow your tuition money on is strictly a personal choice. Stuff like this makes “Comtemporary Georgia” look like Organic Chemistry.

        I’m not mad about it, btw. I just think it’s silly that administrators think this is a good idea, but whatever, dudes.


        • As a PC alumnus since I didn’t feel like seeing half my high school class again at UGA(don’t worry I have 4 generations of UGA alums in my family) I can tell you that it was around 30k a year decades ago so I shudder to think how much it is now.

          To be fair to PC, it’s a good school and unless it has changed a lot since I went there it wasn’t particularly liberal. And the football team wasn’t even D-1 or FBS or whatever until relatively recently. The team and product sucked so everyone I knew just followed their family team. It’s why I have so many damn Clemson fan friends.

          The only PC game I remember going to was halftime of homecoming one year because I was escorting my frat’s sweetheart to the homecoming court.


    • Jared S.

      The Presbyterian Blue Hose?

      Blue Hose?


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Aw, lighten up 81. It’s no worse than a lot of the “Potato Chips for the Mind” colleges offer these days.


  4. Uglydawg

    Looks like great minds think alike, Hogbody. I saw your post after I hit “enter”, or I would have changed my first sentence.


  5. Chunky A

    Dang….why didn’t they have that class when I was there?????


  6. doofusdawg

    I imagine there are many folks such as myself whose first inclination when reading this was to send them a check.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Class trip to the Iron bowl? How about wearing Red and Black and sitting on the other side at the cocktail party? Could be a fun class with lots of potential.


  8. AusDawg85

    Senator, send them your annual ritual post for the start of the season with “an Englishman’s experience of college football”.


  9. That Harvey Updyke topic demands a special symposium.


    • 81Dog

      even Southern football fans don’t understand Harvey Updyke. William Faulkner probably couldn’t even begin to explain him. Willie Morris, either. Some folks are just nuts.


  10. Red Cup

    It’s only a 1 hour course so clearly the Blue Hose administration doesn’t understand the importance of the topic.


  11. Cheech

    I took a Bob Marley class in college. I was so disappointed when the professor did not fire up a doob in class. Anyway, I saw him more than once at Taco Bell so I’m pretty sure he was burning one down.


  12. ASEF

    Other geographical.offerings:

    North: “The Religion of Hockey and Baseball, Sports No One Else Cares About Even Half As Much”

    Midwest: “How College Football Would Be Our Religion, Except the SEC Cheats Too Much”

    Southwest: “Why High School Football Is Our Religion: All the Best Players Head to the SEC After That”

    West: “The Religion of College Football Anti-P12 Conspiracy Theories”


  13. rpcpisme

    Seems like this would be a more worthwhile class at Ga Tech.


  14. Cojones

    Anything with enough interest behind it should be on the internet, not taught as a class in social cheering. I want a class on Religious Holidays to match this Humanist class. And a pony and …….


  15. Chopdawg

    Didn’t we have a course similar to that, except for basketball players, when Jim Harrick was here?