“It’s the idols we worship.”

The two Presbyterian College professors who offer the “Religion of SEC Football” course open up about what that’s all about.  There’s actually a little substance there… well, except for using the Clay Travis book, I suppose.

And I have to admit this struck a chord with me.

… This season, Barr won’t go to an Alabama game because his family has too many activities to prepare for his oldest daughter’s wedding. But he still loves the elation of counting down the days until football starts.

“I’ve thought recently, well, the Jewish New Year is in the fall and my dad would get so excited about all of it,” Barr said. “Maybe that’s just another way to see renewal. Maybe this is another thing that happens and another way to mark your time. I just feel young again with football. I love the renewal.”

Me, too.



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8 responses to ““It’s the idols we worship.”

  1. 92 grad

    I think I’d like to understand how fans of teams which are actual alumnus tend to be the more level headed, less nasty variety than the regional choices variety that never attended or graduated. I’m not really suggesting a superiority thing, just pointing out a fundamental difference I’ve observed consistently over the years.

    In my mind, those of us that endured undergraduate and more would seem to be the ones that would be the most intense.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Are you sure “endured” is the right word there? Hell, I walked around campus drunk or hungover or both for 4 years and they were the most pleasant, shortest years of my life.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      Ummm, intelligence and education strongly correlate to socially acceptable behavior. I though everyone knew that prima facie.


    • RugbyDawg79

      actually there is quite a difference — and we need to remember that when putting down our Rival’s fans — we have fans like that too ! Go Dogs !!!


  2. Yeah, I’m born on the first game of the Dawgs every season.


  3. 86BONE

    The beginning of college football in Athens is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and The Masters all wrapped up into one event! Memories of tailgating with parents and grandparents, running up and down the grass hill on the South side, throwing the plastic football around Old Campus, waving to Lewis on our way into the stadium! Oh, and don’t forget the Wife Saver fried chicken, deviled eggs, ham bites and Bloody Mary’s! Boy has it been a long hot summer in Texas…I am ready for some football


    • Damn man, you paint a vivid picture. I can almost smell that chicken and taste the bloody mary’s. There’s just something about fall in general that puts a pep in my step. I live a few blocks from the local high school and on evening walks I can hear whistles blowing, shoulder pads cracking, and the band rehearsing in mid-August. It’s cathartic. It gets the blood pumping.


  4. Using Clay Travis’s book should drop a student’s IQ by approximately 10 points. I tried to read that after someone sent it to me as a gift and put it down after about 20 pages.

    I love these first year seminars that most universities offer now. I think Morehead still teaches one of these seminars at UGA.