“Harbaugh had a higher Q score than Saban…”

I must be old school.  I thought the reason you pay coaches millions of dollars a year was to win football games.


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  1. Argondawg

    The funny part was that the AD actually thinks the he is Harbaugh’s boss or that he manages Harbaugh and I thought the UM fans were delusional. I wonder how it goes after losing 4 or 5 straight to Corch?


  2. The only redeeming quality about Corch is that maybe he can Harbaugh fired at Michigan in a few years.


  3. 92 grad

    Senator kind of touches on why I think sports are so whacked when it comes to salaries. Truthfully, an appropriate salary intended to compensate an individual for the work required as described in a job description would not reach $9 mil and furthermore, paying an exceptional individual more because they are exceptional wouldn’t go that high either. Saban and his colleagues should be compensated at less than half where they are.

    The millions can start flowing AFTER they meet goals/expectations and so forth. Pay a coach $800,000 but give a bonus structure. A million for a conference win, 2 mil for a division title, 2 mil for a conference title, 5 mil for a natty. Pay for performance.


    • I know your not old enough to have even lived during wage and price controls by our benevolent and all caring government benefactors(Roosevelt,Nixon,Carter) but wage and price controls don’t work ,have never worked and will never work. The market can be manipulated, twisted and bastardized but it can not and will not be ignored. If you limited Saban’s or any other head coach’s salary they(the Athletic Associations) would quit paying him as many dollars and than buy him a couple more homes and fund the “Saban Foundation” and pay his family for running the foundation. The point being nobody decides what the market will bear except a willing buyer and a willing seller( i.e. the market). You can find it wacky but the market ,like Saban and Harbaugh, ain’t got time for what you or I think is wacky.


  4. ASEF

    More millennial males know Harbaugh than Saban.

    There’s your canary, CFB Overlords. You are now officially baseball with 1/14th the inventory and your labor upheavals ahead if you, not behind.

    Well played.