This one never gets old.

One of my favorite Sanford Stadium moments…

… and Munson, as only he could, made it better.


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  1. I was there. It’s the loudest single moment I ever experienced in Sanford. It was so loud I couldn’t hear Munson’s call on the headphones of my radio even in the upper deck.

    • I was there as well & I still get goosebumps. A group of us went & one of the guys didn’t have a ticket, well the outside the stadium price was $200 & none of us had that much when we pooled our $$ together. So he had to sit in the van & listen to the game on the radio. As he tells it, he had no idea the kick went through until the ROAR that came from the stadium! I remember sitting in the far end zone & it was so quiet when the ball was snapped. When Butler kicked it, I remember thinking ‘Damn he got all of that’. As the ball got closer to the uprights, the louder the place got & when it went through, I thought Sanford would have to be rebuilt! That place went bat shit crazy! One of the best days of my life!! The only downside was when I called my girlfriend that night to tell her about the game. I told her ‘Guess where I was today? I went to the Georgia/Clemson game!!!!’ Her reply ‘That’s nice, did you have a good time?’ In her defense, she’s from CA & had no clue. In the 32 years since, she’s as much as a fan as I am. I still her crap about it though.

      • Greg

        LOL!…good description, that is the way I remember it also. The only way I knew for sure if it was good or not (after the kick), was when they came back from a station break.

    • Dolly Llama

      I was there, too. 14 years old. I’ll never forget it.

    • Chi-town Dawg

      This was my first UGA game ever as a freshman and one of those life moments I’ll never forget. I remember how loud the stadium was, hugging and kissing complete strangers and winding up 3-4 rows below my seats because everyone was jumping on top of each other. Still gives me goosebumps! The UGA-Clemson rivalry was one of the best in college football and it’s a shame we only get to see it once a decade now.

  2. Bob

    I was stationed in Germany at the time. My dad would record Munson broadcasts and mail them to me. Correct me if I am getting my games mixed up, but didn’t Clemson return the ensuing kickoff to near midfield and get a shot of their own just after?

  3. HirsuiteDawg

    Icing on the cake was yelling “Dog Meat!” at the Clemson players as they exited the field. They were whipped and showed it.

    • I will never forget how exhausted the Fridge looked in the second half when Georgia scored its last touchdown.

      • Chi-town Dawg

        Mike Epply became a one man turnover machine in the second half. The Clemson fans who were so obnoxious at halftime were stunned by the end of the game. I remember some guy passing out stickers before the game that read “Whip the Pussies”.

  4. Russ

    Great memory, but I also remember blowing the kick coverage and letting Clemson get a long return. Their kicker was probably in range for a similar kick, but the clock ran out(?) on their return.

    The stadium WAS bonkers.

    • I think that was because we got a 15 yard celebration penalty after Butler’s FG and had to kick from the 25 (I don’t think they had moved the kickoff to the 35 by then). Otherwise, he would have kicked it through the end zone.

      • Russ

        Yeah, I believe you’re right on that as well.

        • doiknowu

          Wasn’t a flag thrown after the kick returner was knocked out of bounds on the Clemson sidelines, but AFTER the clock expired? And the officials ruled the game was over before the foul occurred, so therefore, no foul? Thereby preventing a subsequent 15-yard walk-off and field goal attempt by the Tigers. My memory might be a wee bit hazy after all these years.

          • Napoleon BonerFart

            That’s right. The play ended around the 40, but a penalty would have brought the ball within field goal range. The Clemson sideline went nuts thinking they had just won. The officials had to confer for a couple of minutes before declaring that the game was over. Danny Ford was in such a state of shock he could barely shake Dooley’s hand.

  5. John Cobb

    The return was beyond midfield and if there had been reviews then, one second would have been put back on the clock and Clemson would have had a chance to kick a field goal. Our clock operator let that last second expire. Danny Ford was miffed and he and Dooley had some words when they met to shake hands.

    • Greg

      Yeah, it seems I remember that. It looked like ole Danny Ford was coming after Dooley. Somebody had to grab him (Ford), I just knew all kinda hell was gonna break loose at the time.

  6. Erin

    Thanks, I needed that.

  7. Greg

    Listened to that one on the radio. Will never forget, they went to a commercial break after he kicked it without announcing if it was good or not – I had to wait until they returned on air to find out. It seemed like an eternity, probably the maddest I had ever been at Munson…..and I say this with a smile on my face. He was not perfect, but he was without a doubt….the best. Boy, do I ever miss him….

  8. I too was there, sitting in the upper deck in the opposite end zone. I knew it was good as soon as he kicked it. I was yelling “good” while my buddies were waiting for the call. Of course I had had a wee bit to drink by that time. Probably my single best memory at Sanford Stadium. I remember Danny Ford made a comment something like ” I thought he busted the ball, he kicked it so hard”. Good times.

  9. Rampdawg

    If I’m not mistaken, Clemson’s kicker was a good one named Donald Igwebuike, who also went to the NFL.

  10. TMC DAWG

    Kevin Butler Top 5 place kicker of all time. Any league. Also can’t ever get enough Munson! Go Dawgs

  11. Dawg Vegas

    My first game as a student (I had been to some others growing up, too), and I was hoping there’d be a few like that every year.

    I remember being scared that it was close to, or maybe even after, halftime before we got a 1st down. other than change of possession (obvs). And it was a nail-biter as to whether Clemson would get a fg attempt of their own at the end.

    What an intro to the student section! Great times….

  12. Roterhals

    I was there too and it was awesome. Don’t remember the hip hop music though….

  13. Got Cowdog?

    My 13 yr old son is just now getting into football. Playing middle school ball, learning some about it. He was looking at a site with the greatest game winning plays in college football this afternoon. I showed him KB’s kick, the hobnail boot, and just for fun DG’s throw to Terrance Howard v Vandy.
    He flipped out. Another Dawg in training…….
    Ready for some football, Y’all.