For Hugh Freeze, things are turning out to be nastier than an anonymous Athlon article.

I’m surprised this isn’t getting more attention, but if you’ll dial up the latest episode of The Audible with Feldman & Mandel to around the 4:30 mark, you’ll hear Bruce Feldman report that not only has the NCAA spoken with some current SEC players about Ole Miss’ recruiting, but at least two SEC head coaches have also spoken with the NCAA.

Even juicier are the alleged motives behind that:  “There was a lot of acrimony and frustration with Ole Miss and the NCAA and how it was handled at that point…”

Whoa.  We’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn.


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56 responses to “For Hugh Freeze, things are turning out to be nastier than an anonymous Athlon article.

  1. sniffer

    I’m ambivalent of Freeze but have always liked Ole Miss. Respect for their traditions (can’t help what the admins do to names and band selections), Oxford being the second best college town anywhere and having coed talent that rivals our own, makes it high on my list. Sounds as though Hugh is determined to bomb the place back to the 9th century before he is shown the door.

    • 86BONE

      Well said sir…

    • Walt

      Yeah, I really miss the Confederate battle flag tradition.

    • Macallanlover

      True, but Freeze and admins have about taken away any fondness I ever had for Ole Miss. I will always have great memories of The Grove and how it represents the pageantry that makes CFB so much better than other team sports, but I really don’t want to go back there any more….and I hope Ole Miss gets strong sanctions foe their blatant cheating. Unfortunately, I don’t think the NCAA has the balls to handle, or run, the organization as it should be.

    • DawgByte

      I think the female talent at Ole Miss has surpassed UGA’s. Most of our hotties were forced academically to attend Ga Southern. Where’s Hillary, she’ll call me “misogynistic”? LOL!

      • Debby Balcer

        I am no feminist but really that was misogynistic. Beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

        • JarvisCrowell

          I just graduated 3 yrs ago. There’s still a lot of great girls at uga but the quantity of them doesn’t hold a candle to Ole miss or southern. And if academic requirements didn’t have any effect on student attractiveness then tech would be full of smokeshows

      • Walt

        Next thing you know these liberal women feminists will want equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, and crazy stuff like that. Make Merca Guhrate agin.

    • lakedawg

      First year did not get Ole Miss tickets, somebody expecting them to have better season than I think they will

  2. Denver94

    Roiling to a boil a week before the season starts. You praying now, Coach?

  3. I’m gonna hop up and grab a popcorn refill…anyone need anything?

  4. 92 grad

    I imagine the ole miss board of regents and presidents office have turned up the heat as well. The AD and Hugh most definitely are going to have some stressful meetings internally. Sure would be interesting to interview the school president. (If he would talk)

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Maybe. I talk to some Ole Miss friends and they’re response to the whole thing is ‘we’ve beat Alabama, gone to BCS bowls, are in the national conversation, and built a big addition on the stadium…so maybe it was worth it.’ Really…unless the NCAA gives them the death penalty, who is to say they don’t end up better in the long run from this type of shot in the arm?

      • Macallanlover

        The Death Penalty is unofficially officially off the table after the backdown at Happy Valley. Similar to enforcement of immigration laws under the current administration. Most you will see is reduced scholarships for a short period of time, and (doubtfully) an rare bowl ban; can’t mess with those TV contracts and conference bonuses!

  5. Mad Mike

    Freeze really seems like one of those guys that puts forth the wholesome, “I’m a super good guy” image, but is actually a snake. Ever since he’s been at Ole Miss that program has been shady as hell. If the allegations are true in this day and age how does he not think he’d get caught? Does he just not care?

    • Argondawg

      If he had gotten a natty the Ole Miss fans would build a statue of him that would rival the great George O’Leary worship site (aka all in at he Barn). Hell if he had gotten a Natty the Ole Miss folks would not give a shit about the NCAA. It is not like the rest of the country hasn’t been dragging them into the modern era. Sidenote: Their coeds may be the class of the country. It is kind of shocking with all that inbreeding.

      • Mike Cooley

        Um, dude, I don’t like Ole Piss either, but inbreeding? Their students are all rich kids.

        • Mad Mike

          Kinda what I was thinking.

        • Bulldog Joe

          Knowing my son’s and daughter’s friends who went there, the students act like rich kids, but are not. Most are now dealing now with sizable student debt from out-of-state tuition and expenses.

          Mississippi was their second or third choice, but they loved the experience and speak very highly of the new facilities at the university and the performance of the football program.

          Whatever penalties, if any, are assessed will pale when compared to the new facilities, alumni, and growth Bjork and Freeze have brought to the university. They followed the the Alabama model and most would consider it a success.

        • RugbyDawg79

          Most of them are Atlanta kids that could not get in to UGA.

      • Mad Mike

        Well, I must point out, most fan bases are gonna defend their coach, if he is a winner, until the very end. How else is Jimbo Fisher still employed?

        • Argondawg

          I know that guys but what good is it to take a shot at anything Mississippi without mentioning inbreeding. Some of my shots are cheap and even false. I am ok with that.

          • Mad Mike

            Haha, I can respect that. It’s just that when somebody says inbreeding I immediately think of the Hillwillams up in Tannercee.

  6. Russ

    Maybe they’ll talk to Evil Richt.

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    When you come out of nowhere to snag 32 guys in a year, including 5 star late converts, you’re gonna get attention.

  8. If head coaches are now speaking with the NCAA, there’s nowhere good this goes for Freeze and the Rebel Black Bears. This is going to be fun to watch.

  9. VoxDawg

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of folks. Ole Miss’ biggest flaw is that they never got around to elevating cheating to the artform that Auburn has.

  10. fred russo

    Freeze is another Hillary Clinton!!!!!!

  11. Go Dawgs!

    Anybody who didn’t see this coming the first time that Coach Freeze hauled in a blue chip recruiting class to Mississippi is either an Ole Miss fan or simply not paying attention. I don’t care how wonderful a person your coach is, you don’t haul in that kind of a recruiting class to a place that hasn’t won anything meaningful since the 60’s just on the strength of a winning personality. Add in some of the… let’s say, “challenges” of recruiting to Oxford, Mississippi, and what Coach Freeze did there was incredible. Literally. It wasn’t credible.

  12. SemperFIDawg

    Acrimony. I like that word in this context.

  13. How about talking to a former SEC coach who is known to be very honest?

  14. WF Dawg

    I hope they burn the place down, not because I particularly hate Ole Miss (they’re not Auburn, after all), but because we sure could have used Tunsil these past few years. Richt was right to call up Freeze and yell at him (if the rumors are to be believed).

    • Argondawg

      As much as we needed Tunsil on the field I am glad we didn’t get him. He left a shit storm behind him.

      • WF Dawg

        Yeah, I can’t help but wonder how much UGA’s cleaner way of doing things would have discouraged that, as opposed to Freeze’s. Still, there’s only so much a university can do.

  15. 69Dawg

    I’ll reserve judgement until the NCAA brings the pain. Ole Miss should have hired Donna S the U’s President. She basically told them that the U would sue the NCAA’s ass off if they did more to them than slap them on the wrist. As usual the NCAA backed off. If Ole Miss has any political pull at all they will get the NCAA to accept the self imposed penalties and Hugh will skate. The NCAA is looking for political friends in the upcoming battle of the paid athlete, they don’t need any more enemies.

  16. stoopnagle

    “I’m surprised this isn’t getting more attention”

    It’s not because it’s Ole Miss and Ole Miss doesn’t matter.