Serves you right to suffer.

At least it sucked for Spurdog in the end…

Throughout a coaching career that included the United States Football League, two moribund programs and two national championship games, you said the most stressful point in your career was last season. Can you elaborate?

I was at the end of my coaching career. Obviously, I wish I’d gone out a year earlier. I had two sons on the coaching staff, the pay was pretty good — there were a lot of reasons to stay. But the main reason was the stress level of the 2015 season. The year before our defense really struggled; we gave up more yards, more points, than any defense in South Carolina history. And we didn’t fix it.

Doubt he’ll fret too much about Boom having to clear the rubble he left, though.


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19 responses to “Serves you right to suffer.

  1. mwo

    I hope he rues it every day. Couldn’t happen to a nicer SOB. Kiss my ass Ol Ball Sack!


    • DawgPhan

      Yeah I am sure he will lament the extra millions that he got for him and his family by sticking it out one more season.

      Lament the hell out of it on the golf course…


  2. DawgPhan

    FOAF type story. think I heard it on the Shutdown Fullcast, but the story goes that anytime SOS have an obligation that he didnt want to fulfill…think rubber chicken meet and greet, fundraising deal…he would say “this guy says I dont have to go” and he would point towards his Heisman.

    good for him.


  3. dawgxian

    I wonder which took a greater, the 2014 & 2015 seasons or Steven Garcia lol


  4. Now that Spurrier is back, it’s time for the DAWGS to smitten those gayturds to powder.


  5. Russ2

    I think it is interesting how it is was spun when he quit on his Cocks , that he was helping the other coaches. I don’t think he was man enough (EGO) to finish the season. A great offensive mind but he’s an immature jerk.


  6. Red Cup

    Talked to a big Gamecock fan last week. Said everyone there are glad he is gone. He went thru motions letting his son head up recruiting and then quit when he realized how bad it was.


    • Otto

      While that maybe so, he elevated the program to heights it had not been to before. Further the facilities and funding is on par with majority if the programs in the conference. Even with the decline the S. Carolina fans should be thankful for his time in Columbia.


      • Yeah. These Cock fans are the same ones who were ecstatic when Lou Holtz took them to their first NYD bowl and it was only the Outback. Things have changed a lot since I lived in SC 20 years ago.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Excuse me, I have to grab a Kleenex and dab a tear. So sad. 💩


  8. heyberto

    That one offhanded comment about ‘being around as long as I feel good… got a good 2-3 years left in me’ ended up killing recruiting. I love that it went down that way.


  9. Cojones

    Yep. And in his last year, one of our QBs and the 2015 team decided to set an NCAA record for passing on his ass (thank you Greyson Lambert), he lost by the highest score that he has ever lost to the Dawgs before and it bettered the asshole-play when he upped the score with game seconds left by faking the Victory Play to down the ball and threw a td pass instead just to say he beat us by the highest score ever in our stadium. The ungracious, ball-scratching ahole then crowed about it for years and the 2015 Dawg team will forever be in my mind when I think of Spurrier revenge. Thanks guys.


  10. Spike

    Cry me a river, quitter.


  11. B-UGA

    He was too busy talking trash & riding his high horse while he had a few good players (Clowney, Gilmore, etc..) & totally forgot to recruit & restock. I think he already knew his 2-3 year plan & that his son sucked at recruiting. Now he can be a quitter & crybaby on the golf course…may 11/5/66 will be etched in his memory forever.