If I didn’t know any better…

… I’d say Bill Connelly is trolling us.

Your East division favorites: Tennessee and Georgia. S&P+ has been kind of a funny tool for messing with Vol fans’ psyches. They get affirmation with the top-10 ranking … and massive anxiety from basically being division co-favorites. And on the flipside, I get to mess with the heads of Georgia fans (And yes, obviously a lot will depend on Georgia’s QB situation. Like, everything will depend on that.)

Well, hell.  Maybe he is.


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4 responses to “If I didn’t know any better…

  1. Macallanlover

    I appreciate the incredible amount of analysis Bill provides to CFB and have no ability to even question the the logic of the inputs he uses. But as convinced as he and Phil Steele are about the predictive capabilities of their computer outputs, I have personally found them to be no better than my 50% logic, and 50% gut, method of predicting CFB games. I have looked at Bill’s projections, paid for Phil Steele’s service, studied 4-5 internet sites using computer models, blended in the CBS/ESPN expert picks, and various other methods of witchcraft, and there is just no reliable method.

    This isn’t to knock the S&P process, it is as good as any. I just find it better to use the intellectual, non-biased computer results as a reality check before betting or taking sides to wash out my own biases and oversights. If I am confirmed by 2-3 of the methods I don’t understand, but respect, I am more confident in my own pick. If I see a game or two that varies greatly from what I have concluded, I may change my pick, or even add theirs.

    I feel he is right about the East, TN should be the favorite, but a slight one, and UGA and FU are the only contenders. Could easily go to the tie-breakers at the end, or TN could win it by as much as 2 games. Also agree that the West looks like a close race between LSU and Bama. But we all arrived at that without a computer model, didn’t we. He can just justify his predictions with more backup than we can. Good on him, now get me those Powerball numbers.


    • Justin

      Couldn’t agree with you more on this. What I do like about Bill & Phil Steele is that they live AND die by their methods. The worst thing they could do is see their numbers and then disagree based on their gut and give a different projection.


      • Macallanlover

        What I like most about Bill and Phil’s approach is they do the heavy lifting on updated stats for every single game that is played. Who could possibly do all that research or follow the teams closely enough to know all the relevant factors? And it is available in a format where you can scan the bottom lines quickly and drill down when you see something that varies greatly with the line. Those minimal interest games (Akron vs Bowling Green, Wyoming vs Idaho, etc., pay the same as the marquis games and may represent much better values that I would never have known about.


  2. DawgPhan

    Bill C’s teams of the decade has UGA fans all up in their feels as well.

    Basically UGA seems to be the outlier in all his stats.

    Or at least UGA fans believe they are the outlier.